Overnight Tours

  • m_whale_watching_alan_tours_south_africa..jpg More The BIG 7 Safari – Sights and Sounds. Code (SP01) A 2 day tour.
    Boat trip on Algoa Bay searching for seasonal Whales, Dolphins, Penguins, Seals, Sharks before depart for Addo Elephant National Park. Exciting game drives and overnight in the Park accompanied by the sounds of the African night.
  • m_img_4825jj.jpg More Kouga - A Tour in the Wilderness. Code (OV11) A 2 day tour
    Travel along the picturesque wild side onto Route 62 and enter the remote Kouga wilderness area, a botanical wonderland. Overnight in stone chalets climb to rock art cave and rugged, scenic 4x4 route into the Baviaanskloof before returning to place of residence.
  • m_img_408536.jpg More Touched by the Wilderness (Code CS02) A 2 day tour
    A short drive from Port Elizabeth into the quiet wilderness, an easy evening meal over the open wood fire and a peaceful rest in comfortable tents. Wake early for fresh coffee and a walk before breakfast. Pack and continue to the Addo Elephant National Park. A light lunch before our game viewing experience as we return to Port Elizabeth and the end of the safari.
  • m_338_5.jpg More Fun and Adventure - Surges of adrenaline. Code (OV02) A 2 day tour.
    Surges of adrenalin and the stunning scenery of the famous Garden Route merge on this tour. Experience the thrill gliding on zip lines high in the canopy. Join an ocean tour searching for marine life or take the optional extra 216 m highest Bungy jump and visit Monkeyland and Birds of Eden
  • m_804_copy.jpg More Baviaanskloof – World Heritage Site. Code (OV01) A 2 Day tour.
    A nature experience in the pristine world of fynbos covered mountains, amber rivers, abundant birdlife and the ubiquitous Chacma Baboon in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site. Rock art and the night sounds of Africa as we overnight in comfortable farm style accommodation or in unique rock lodge perched on the precipice dine in an enormous cave around the open fire
  • m_dscn831974.jpg More Touched by the Wilderness Safari (Code CS03) A 3 day tour
    Port Elizabeth to Addo Elephant National Park, check in and start game viewing. After lunch we head for Wilderness camp, unpack and take meal around the fire. Overnight in tents. Awake early for breakfast before hiking in mountain, picnic lunch and return to camp for evening meal around the fire. Return to Addo for light lunch and afternoon game viewing before returning to Port Elizabeth.
  • m_015_copy.jpg More The BIG 7 Slow and Easy. (Code OV13) A 3 day tour.
    Start on the waters of Algoa Bay looking for Dolphins, Seals, Sharks and seasonal Whales before depart for Addo Elephant National Park, searching for 700 Elephant and other BIG 5 members. Explore Woody Cape's spiritual dune fields, home to the ancient Khoikhoi people.
  • m_dscf532913.jpg More Touched by the Wilderness Safari (Code CS04) A 3 day tour
    Port Elizabeth to Wilderness camp for picnic on deck. Short hike, return to camp for braai (barbecue) around the fire. Early wake up for pre breakfast walk. Breakfast and depart for northern wilderness. Check in and prepare meal on the open fire. Overnight in cottage. Early wake up for hike in valley. Breakfast and start on rugged 4 x 4 trail through mountains to the Karoo. Return to Port Elizabeth by early evening.
  • m_dscn0112_copy.jpg More Go wild on the wonderful Wild Coast. Code (OV15) A 4 day tour.
    Enjoy the sun kissed Wild Coast, explore remote, sub-tropical sandy beaches. Walk in the quite forests and hike to spectacular waterfalls cascading into the deep blue Indian Ocean. Sun, Sea and Surf at this comfortable luxury lodge on the East Cape coast
  • m_img_9245copy159.jpg More The BIG 7 Full House Greater Addo. Code (OV12) A 4 day tour.
    Explore the entire Greater Addo Elephant National Park from north to south. Boat trip on Algoa Bay, Addo Elephant National Park, 4 x 4 route in rugged northern area of Park, Little Karoo, Lake Darlington and Woody Cape dune fields.
  • ct_malay_img_8617_cape_townc.jpg More Garden Route Tour Classic. Code (OV21) A 4 day tour
    The Garden Route, a classic adventure along the southern coastline of one of the most diverse countries in the world.
  • m_img_9355.jpg More Sunshine Coast and Mystical Mountains. Code (OV04) A 4 day tour.
    Listen to the myriad of birdlife and stroll on the golden sands of the beach before we travel to an area of deep shaded forests with ancient yellowwood trees, tinkling streams and gossamer waterfalls as we negotiate our way around the labyrinth of mystical mountains.
  • m_621.jpg More Travel the Ancient Path. Code (OV03) A 4 day tour.
    The exuberance of the Eastern Cape is show cased when we visit some of the greatest wildlife destinations in South Africa. The famous Addo Elephant National Park, the silence of the Great Fish River Reserve and the tranquility of the Wild Coast.
  • m_m_dscn799065.jpg More Endless Circle Safari. Code (OV10) A 5 day tour.
    Walk with Elephant Bulls in the mountain’s valleys. The circle is completed by game drives through Addo Elephant National Park, experiencing the rugged beautiful Baviaanskloof, surfing mekka Jeffreys Bay and the Little Karoo before returning to your starting point Port Elizabeth.
  • m_img_034041.jpg More Kruger National Park and Panorama Route. Code (OV22) A 5 day tour
    Travel through the picturesque mountainous highlands of the Panorama Route and wind your way down from the rugged escarpment to the bushveld of the Kruger National Park, home to an amazing diversity - a greater variety of African wildlife not found anywhere else on the African continent. A huge variety of incredible bird species can be seen, from summer migrants, to those that spend the entire year in this tropical wonderland. This is the pinnacle of Game viewing in South Africa and indeed in Africa itself.
  • m_612_255.jpg More Touched by the Wilderness Safari (Code CS05) A 5 day tour
    Port Elizabeth to Dune forest, hike in sand dunes, sleep in cabins in the forest with braai (barbecue). Walk in forest and depart for big game area. Diner and overnight in chalets. Early game drive and breakfast before heading to coastal wilderness, evening braai (barbecue). Hike, pack up and head for northern wilderness. Check in and braai on fire. Sleep in chalet. Hike, breakfast and start on rugged 4x4 route through mountains into the Karoo, return to Port Elizabeth
  • m_498.jpg More Cape Winelands tour. Code (OV07) A 6 day tour.
    Scenic route through the vast, arid Karoo to the Cape Winelands. Discover the beauty of the Karoo, unique fynbos covered mountain, delicious wine, food and friendship in the fertile valleys of the Western Cape province.
  • m_dscn096540.jpg More Spring Flower Tour - Central Route (Code SP05) A 6 day tour
    Along the West Coast of South Africa lies an arid strip of land characterised by rolling hills and short succulent vegetation that after good late winter rains defies all expectations and blossoms into a vibrant Kaleidoscope of colour unmatched on the African continent. This is the annual Namaqualand spring flower extravaganza, painting the countryside with colours difficult to imagine, transforming the always interesting area into a canvas of colour that just has to be seen to be believed.
  • m_209..jpg More The Bark of the Baboon. Code (OV09) A 6 day tour.
    We criss-cross clear tannin stained waters in the Baviaanskloof, keeping an eye out for Klipspringer, Kudu, Cape Buffalo, Reed Buck, Mountain Zebra and the ever present Chacma Baboon. View a spiritual place of the early Bushmen where they left a legacy of rock art and search in Addo Elephant National Park the open plains and thickets for African big game.
  • m_91..jpg More Karoo Memories. Code (OV06) A 7 day tour.
    The endless scenic expanse of the Karoo, game reserves, modern astronomy, delicate rock art, Khoikhoi culture, spectacular hikes and the hospitality of its people is a lifetime memory.
  • m_dscn0885.jpg More Namaqualand Spring Flower Tour - A Blaze of Colour. Code (SP02) A 8 day tour
    Picasso and Gauguin would struggle to find the inspiration to emulate this wonderland of colour. Arid, rugged valleys filed with fields of startlingly coloured daisies pulse with an explosion of colour and joy.
  • m_dscn0449.jpg More Spring Flower Tour - Northern Route (Code SP06) An 8 day tour
    Travel the vast expanses of the arid Karoo burnished orange by armies of winter blooming Aloes as we make our way to the narrow stip of land that lies alongside the cold Atlantic on the West Coast of South Africa. Here after late winter rains we find the rolling hills and short often succulent vegetation burst into the annual spring flower extravaganza. It is here that carpets of daisies and other flowering plants colour the landscape with intense oranges, yellows, purples, blues and a thousand shades of spectacular colours found nowhere else in Africa. It is a short period of intense floral activity but one on a good season not to be missed
  • ferry_dscn8441f.jpg More Garden Route - Hidden Treasures. Code (OV19). A 9 day tour
    Discover the beauty and hidden treasures of the famous Garden Route from the Indian to the Atlantic Ocean and so much more
  • mandela_3.jpg More Nelson Mandela - In the Footsteps of a Giant. Code (OV16). A 10 day tour
    The story of the life and times of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Madiba. The world icon.
  • art_in_hermanus.jpg More The Circular Circuit Garden Route. Code (OV28) A 10 day tour
    The Garden Route is a colourful tapestry of farmland, Big 5 game reserves, ancient Fold Mountains, Seashores and Semi desert, sprinkled with its fair share of cosmopolitan cities and quaint coastal and Karoo villages. This magical tour will take you through all of these and so much more
  • m_620.jpg More African Kaleidoscope Safari. Code (OV08) A 12 day tour.
    The world renowned Addo Elephant National Park, rich historical Great Fish River reserve and Transkei, tranquil Wild Coast, vast Karoo plains and the famous Garden Route and so much more waiting for you to experience it.
  • m_dscn5318.jpg More Kruger to Mozambique. Exploring new horizons. Code (OV26) 13 Day Tour
    Sit back and relax while your dreams come true as we set out for the wide open spaces of the spectacular Panorama Route, descending the escarpment to the iconic Kruger National Park. After this we head off into remote regions of Africa to the sun drenched coast of Mozambique before returning to South Africa to discover fascinating remnants of the oldest continent in the world.
  • m_img_526939.jpg More South African Super Safari. Code (OV14) A 14 Day tour.
    The Super Safari is an in depth tour of South Africa. It serves to illustrate and display the natural beauty of this land. To introduce you to our rainbow nation, the people that call this country their home and to show you the magnificent wildlife in expansive habitats, making us one of the two most diverse destinations on this planet.
  • kruger_nat._park_img_2686.jpg More The Rustic Tour. Addo Park, Wild Coast, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kruger Park. Code (OV27) A 14 Day Tour
  • m_img_1897.jpg More The Wild and Wonderful Namibia Expedition. Code (OV25) A 15 day tour
    Huge red sand dunes contrast with the white plains and savannas of the spectacular Etosha Pans, where herds of Antelope, Elephant and Giraffe mingle with their predators the Lion, Cheetah and Leopard. Primitive tribes like the Himba remain stoically isolated from a modern world with a modern economy based in the lager centres scattered throughout this huge, sparsely populated country.