Travis W. Heggie Ph.D.


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Dear Alan,

I want to write and thank you for the fantastic tour and time you spent with me during my recent trip to South Africa.  As a professor of tourism I often tell my students that tourism is a collection of travel experiences that are often among the most outstanding memories in a traveler’s life.  Out of all the places I have been and the experiences I have collected, the time I spent with you in the Eastern Cape ranks at the very top.  Also, in addition to your hospitality, two things that really impressed me were your commitment to a sustainable (low environmental impact) tourism operation and your in-depth knowledge of both the natural and cultural environment.  We could have simply stood on those coastal sand dunes and admired the scenery while watching the whales splashing in the water.  Instead, I came away with a memory of the scenery and an in depth understanding of the culture and anthropology of the early people who inhabited those dunes.  Wow!


Travis W. Heggie Ph.D.   

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