The BIG 7 Safari is a tour to search for and to view a collective group of popular creatures found living in and around Algoa Bay and the Addo Elephant National Park and expands on the traditional members of the Big 5, the  African Elephant, the Black Rhinoceros, the Cape Buffalo, the Lion and the Leopard to include two new members from our oceans the Great White Shark and the Great Whales, the seasonal Humpback and Southern Right whales that are found in the deep blue waters of Algoa Bay and the two oceans that sweep past our coastline, the Indian and Atlantic. These whales visit our shores on their annual migration every June through to December.

The Big 5 were given their name due to the ferocity and cunning behaviour when hunted. Few people are aware of the unfortunate way in which these wonderful creatures got their name. Times have changed and we have hopefully moved on.

Based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa we are so fortunate to be surrounded by a huge wealth and diversity of wildlife both marine and terrestrial that this diversity allows us to offer our guests one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on the planet today: THE ORIGINAL BIG 7 SAFARI.

We at Alan Tours were able to see the fantastic opportunities offered by combining the attractions of the ocean going marine creatures with the diversity and wealth of the land animals, birds, reptiles and vegetation which are found in such close proximity to each other and formed the idea of the ORIGINAL BIG 7 SAFARI.

And what an opportunity it has been. Nowhere else in the world can one simply board a small boat with dedicated staff, head out onto the waters of Algoa Bay and start searching for the many interesting creatures in this rich marine ecosystem.

As we head for the Islands where the largest breeding colony of African penguins exists today, we search for the many Dolphins of a number of species that popularly occur in these temperate waters. Pods of 10 to over 800 Bottle-nosed Dolphins are regularly seen. Pods of more than 2000 Common Dolphins can be seasonally seen feeding on giant bait balls of small fish. Endangered Humpback Dolphins can be found, confined to the near shore coastline, where a special marine reserve is dedicated to their protection.

Many species of marine birds can be seen while Seals and Turtles are sometimes seen enjoying the often calm waters while there is the constant anticipation of occasionally seeing the oceans top predator the Orcas in and around the Bay.

Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay and the Addo Elephant National Park offer a combination of experiences, the BIG 7, found nowhere else in the world, not even close.

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