Dean and Amanda


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From: Sandy Gallup


Hi Alan,

Dean contacted me through e-mail. Sounds like an interesting fellow. He sure was impressed with you and the service you offered. Here is part of his e-mail….

I have just recently returned to Canada from a trip into South Africa with my girlfriend, Amanda. While visiting, we met up with an incredible tour guide named Alan Fogarty, who I believe you are acquainted with. He mentioned you and Brian to us, and that you are from Canada as well, and are familiar with the areas around Banff, Alberta. I found that to be pretty incredible, as most travelers from Canada that I meet overseas are from Toronto (a place I have never been), and have never been to Alberta, so its nice to hear about someone who knows where we’re from.

It was our first trip to South Africa - and at the last minute, our friends who we were staying with had been called to work, and suddenly got really busy - so our hopes of travelling to all the different sights and sounds of the country were quickly going down the drain. Luckily, we met Alan through “Go Experience” in Port Elizabeth, and after the first tour (Seaview and Kragga Kamma) we were hooked. We toured to Addo with him for some Elephant viewing, did a memorable Port Elizabeth Township and Tavern tour, and had an incredible full-day offroad experience into the interior of the country. Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed, and have several friends who are going next year who we have passed on the strong recommendation to. I work for a large tour company here in Banff, so I am aware of the different levels of service when guiding, and it was really nice to see such professionalism and passion from him. He without a doubt, Alan single-handedly made our vacation unforgettable.

Now that is quite a testimonial!

Here are a few photos of a moose claf rescue that a friend sent. Thought you’d enjoy this one.


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