Sandy and Brian Gallup. January 2010


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Letter from Brian and Sandy Gallup. BC, Canada. January 12, 2010

It is a pleasure to write a letter for Alan Tours. The quality of care and service provided by the firm is outstanding.

First I should mention that my wife Sandy and I are seasoned travellers to South Africa. We have used a range of safari services and know what to expect.

Alan Fogarty is the real deal. His vehicles are clean, and in good shape and he is well prepared for any situation. You will always be safe and comfortable. He is a professional that can take an unexpected turn of events and make it an enjoyable adventure. He does a first class job of showing you the popular towns and attractions of South Africa.

However, if you truly want to see the elephant and smell the smoke of Africa, then you must ask Alan to take you far from the towns and cities, to some of his hidden away places, for a least a couple of days!

That’s where he really shines. You will get close with remote African people and wildlife in a way that only Alan Tours can provide. You’ll find yourself in wonderful places that few travellers ever get to see.

As Alan’s guest, you can experience the essential Africa in a safe and comfortable way.

Good exploring,

Brian Gallup

PS. We have recently booked our third tour with Alan. It will be a 10 day event for our party of five including our one year old grandson. (Alan will soon have him muttering in Afrikaans, I’m sure.) Our adventure will include Addo Game Reserve and the Wild Coast.

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