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Excellent Big 7, Port Elizabeth city , and Eastern Cape historical tours

First, booking the tours was a breeze through email with Angelika.She was extremely efficient and helpful, and responded to our questions within a couple of hours even on Sunday.

All 3 tours were expertly guided by Alan. We did the marine life part of the Big 7 tour in the morning, where we experienced penguins, dolphins and a couple of whales. At one point, we were literally surrounded by dolphins. Since we were on a small boat, we were able to get very close to the sea life, which is something you can't do on larger boats. After a pleasing lunch, we headed to Addo National Park. The large groups of elephants were impressive. At times, we were so close we could have touched them. We also saw various antelope, lions, cape buffalo, and various other creatures. Alan was very knowledgeable about identifying and explaining the wildlife we encountered. His commentary made the tour all the more interesting and meaningful.

The Port Elizabeth city tour, began with Alan presenting the history of the area, starting from prehistoric times up to the present. I was impressed how he meaningfully covered about 2.5 million years of history in about 30 minutes. He then guided us on a very interesting half-day tour of the city, inserting historical anecdotes along the way.

The all-day eastern cape historical tour covered many of the historical settlers sites. Again, Alan demonstrated his vast knowledge of the history and culture of the area with his interesting commentary about the European settlers, the indigenous peoples and their interactions.

All three tours were incredibly interesting, primarily because of Alan's vast knowledge of the area and entertaining commentary. I would highly recommend these tours to anyone interested in the scenery, wildlife, culture and history of the Eastern Cape and South Africa in general.



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