Mathilde. 19.08.2016

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Sent: Friday, August 19, 2016 7:06 PM

To: Angelika

Cc Alan Fogarty

Subject: thank you message    


Dear Angelika and Alan, 

I am so sorry to write so late; I came back home at midday on Tuesday but have had to deal with a series of unexpected issues on arriving - and my South African SIM card seems to have died the moment we took off from the airport. But I did want to thank you for that unforgettable day in PE.


The information provided by Alan was fascinating and I would like to know more about it all now! I have also recommended your tours to some people who did not know about it despite knowing PE - particularly the boat trips that apparently they had not heard about, for some reason.


I would have one service to ask from Alan, if I may: I did catch a couple of pictures of the seal and of the dolphins, but not as good as yours. If ever you could e-mail me one or two of the seal that you showed me, it would be absolutely great. Thanks for that too!

Again, many thanks for the memories I will keep forever of that great day outside,

Best regards,  



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