Lovell Anstee. February 2010


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Subject: Thank you!

Dear Alan

At last things have settled and I have a chance to write. I do not have the words to express how our time was with you! When people ask me here how was the safari I can answer that I was so apprehensive about it as I was so excited about doing a safari for the first time and knew that it really could not live up to my expectations….

It was everything and more! What an experience.

Thank you so much for everything, your knowledge, cooking, patience and thoughtfulness. It was an experience that will forever be in my heart. I do wish that I was eloquent enough portray to you the feelings that it evoked in me.

Unfortunately all I can do is say a huge thank you to you. You made us all feel that there was never a question that was too trivial or an opinion that was irrelevant. When describing you to friends I have said that it was like having one’s own private professor/chef/botanist/ hunter/historian all rolled into one. Thank you again.

My only complaint would be that it was not long enough!

I have been asking around and have a lot of interest in the ‘girls’ doing a tour around Easter next year. The Cape section would be for about 10 days to 2 weeks and would be women only.

I am not too sure if you do organise something like this but sincerely hope that you do.

Alan,Thank you again for everything you did for us.

Lots of Love


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