Klara Pichova Dudkova. February 2013


From: Klara Pichova Dudkova

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:13:54 +0100

To: Alan Tours<info@alantours.co.za>

Subject: Re: Transfer or rather Addo package offer


Dear Alan, 

I have studied all offers I received in previous few days. 

Together with my mum, we have decided for taking your offer from below described reasons even though your offer is from the financial point of view the highest 

- offer itself which I find very nice, full of interesting activities

- your and Angelika ' s positive and pro client oriented attitude towards us, regular communication and letting me know what you do, why and what are the next steps

- you replied on my demand as the first one

- you accommodated the program into my resp. mum's needs 

I strongly believe you will deliver my mum and her the best from your company and you. They will always remember this trip.

I hope you take care of them and assure them during the tour they are safe with you:-) 

Alan, thank you. What are the next steps? 

All the best, 


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