Klara Pichova Dudkova. April 2013


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From: Klara Pichova Dudkova

Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 10:49 PM

To: angelika@alantours.co.za

Subject: Re: Alan Tours 


Dear Angelika and Allan, 

I am very sorry for my late answer. Since we have come back  to Prague we are in hurry:-)... Better be in South Africa:-) 

I am happy to hear that even you enjoyed the trip with Czech ladies;-). They were excited and happy about every minute that had with you guys and on safari.

I would like to thank you again! I am very satisfied with my decision to take your offer. I am very happy we had opportunity to meet . I hope I can come to you one day and ask you for Uganda trip to gorillas. This is my dream:-) 

Rental and Hana will be happy for the photos. They agreed their cameras weren't enough good for taking pictures of all the animals they met. 

Thank you again! You made my mum's stay perfect! 

Take care,



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