Isabel. 21.-30.04.2016

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Isabel on her 4th tour with Alan Tours this time to the wonderful wild Wild Coast


m_img_4983.jpg m_img_4984.jpg m_img_4992.jpg m_img_4999.jpg m_img_5022a.jpg Fish eagle in tree Sunset on the Wild coast Seafood supper Otter footprints Wild coast sunrise Palm fringed shore line m_img_5238.jpg Xhosa homestead Xhisa woman carrying water to her home. Carrying these heavy loads are a daily chore carried out by the women folk of the tribe. Collecting grass for a brush Wild coast south Africa Carrying wood for the ceremonial fires Wild coast back packer Wild Coast traditional accommodation Wild coast scenery, Eastern Cape South Africa Wild Coast south Africa Rural Wild Coast scene Traditional herbalist on the Wild coast, South Africa  Traditional Herbalist tour guide Meeting the herbalist Pancake parlour rural style Home made sledge Wild Coast coastline Rural accommodation, Bulungula, Wild Coast  Breakfast at Bulungula Ancient rider Sight seeing on the Wild coast Mbashe river bank Beach walk, wild coast South Africa Walking on the beach, wild coast South Africa Breaking dawn. Wild coast accommodation Isabel at the Mbashe river mouth River crossing Swimming on the Wild coast forest rest, wild coast Wild coast, Dwesa nature reserve Beach walk African handcraft Forest drive Xhosa child, Wild coast, South Africa Wild coast Seaview on the Wild Coast Going wild on the wild coast Seafood platter Sun rise on the wild coast Xhosa communities Rolling swells on the Wild coast Xhosa rural communities  Hole in the Wall, Wild Coast Coffee bay Wild coast, South Africa  White Clay on the Wild coast White clay, coffee bay School beach walk Cape honey suckle with Sunbird Butterfly Beach cattle  Xhosa cattle Isabel Wild coast Waterfall


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