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reviewed 18 March 2018

WOW!! Addo Elephant Park,an AMAZING day! with Alan Tours.

My husband and I traveled from Canada to such an incredible country!!

I booked our tour before leaving and Angelika,was awesome throughout the booking process!!

Our tour guide,Malcom picked us from our accommodation right on time :-))He is an incredible wealth of knowledge and as my husband has a love for all living creatures,big and small:-))Malcom took the time to stop every time,
my husband or Malcom spotted anything that moved:-))

We saw a diverse cross section of wildlife,including everything from millipedes,dung beetles (even managing to video them rolling :-))to an incredible number of elephants!!zebras,mongoose,antelope,birdlife,including the beautiful!! and unique,Secretary Bird.
Towards the end of our day,Malcom went out of his way to seek out 2 male Lions that had been spotted at a kill the day before !!

In closing,we would highly recommend Alan Tours,we spent a most memorable day,that we will never forget!!

The whole experience from booking,the Adventure into the park,the pictures we received that Malcom himself had taken,shortly after our Tour,makes "Alan Tours" stand above and beyond our other Safari experiences!!!

Thank-you Angelika,Malcom and "Alan Tours"!!


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