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review on Tripadvisor 21 May 2015

Possibly the best field guide in the Eastern Cape

We spent a weekend at Baviaans Lodge in the Baviaanskloof and struck it lucky.

Alan was spending some time out at the lodge over the long weekend as well and even though he wasn't there to work he agreed to take us and some of the other guests on a tour up to the rock painting overhang on the farm.

Baviaans Lodge is on one of Alan's itineraries and the rock paintings get featured on that tour so we knew even before we started that we were in for a treat.

Alan's knowledge and sharp eye just blew my mind. He pointed out things that the rest of us would have missed and explained everything there was to know from plants and flowers to the inner workings of a termite mound. He even pointed out that there was a small heard of kudu on the path in front of us. Not because you could see them but because every time we crossed the stream there we tracks on the other side and the soil around it was still wet. His knowledge didn't stop with the fauna and flora as he explained the rock paintings in detail. 

If you are looking for a great field guide to take you out on tour and you choose Alan, you are in for a treat.


click here for the tour itinerary: " Kouga - A tour in the wilderness"

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