Dalit Gasul. September 2013

Liron, Ofer, Dalit and Idan Gasul with Amit, Maya, Naama, and Ohad Harpaz on the Panorama Route and Kruger National Park tour in Mpumalanga and on a day safari in Addo Elephant National Park


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From: Dalit Gasul

Sent: Sunday, September 01, 2013 10:10 PM

To: Alan Tours

Cc: Naama


Dearest Alan


On the last day of our vacation, any vacation actually,

we set a feedback talk. We all name the best of the trip, and the worst..

The kids' started, and all of them, pointed to Kruger and Addo (along the Banjy, of course) as the best experiences -

Nature, wild animals, the lions (all of us!) the elephants (Maya). No need to say that the adults was repeating the same (without the Banjy, of course..)

On top of that, I have to say that we all had an instant "click" with you from the first moment, so the atmosphere was fun, everybody felt comfortable and curious from one hand and open on the other hand  to share insights about Israeli, or South Africans life..

I feel that we has been privileged to experience all of that with you, enjoy your wealth of  knowledge, and your "knowing how" way of finding all this amazing animals in the wild.

It was a breath taking experience!


Thank you again Alan,

And Thanks for the great pictures!


We hope to see you in Israel some day!


Best of luck and "Shana Tova" (Happy new year.. )



On behalf of the whole gang...


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