Chris and Mary Watkins. June 2013

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Subject: Sorry for the long delay.

Dear Alan ,

It has been so long since our  brilliant tour of Port Elizabeth - way back in February - that I am sure you have entirely given up ever hearing from us.   I really do apologise for taking so long to thank you for such a great day and for all the time and trouble you expended to make Mary and I welcome.  Please use any of this below you may feel useful for your Website or Tripadvisor.

In Alan Fogarty we could not have asked for a more informed and personable guide on our tour of Port Elizabeth South Africa. .  His knowledge of the history and development of his beautiful city is encyclopedic.   He opened our eyes to the extraordinary setting Port Elizabeth enjoys. His commentary was always witty, informative and right on the ball when it came to discussing everything from PE's industry and commerce to its ethnicity and religions.  He was equally interesting on the sensitive issues of South Africa's apartheid struggles and its recent transition to democracy.    We were greatly moved by the visit he gave us to the Red Location Apartheid Museum in the New Brighton Township.   But even there - in obvious contrast to the building's grim setting -  because of his obvious sympathy for and involvement with the township people - we felt entirely safe.  With him around we were immediately made welcome and even had the pleasure of playing with an excited group of township toddlers. 

What an experience and I haven't even mentioned the fact that he opened doors for us to walk out onto the hallowed turf of the St. George's Oval cricket ground or that he arranged a special visit for us to Prince Alfred's Guard Museum, the historic headquarters of  PE's City Regiment.

As we were cruise passengers, we only had a day in Port Elizabeth and we told him before we arrived we wanted to see as much of the city as possible.  Alan certainly achieved all this and a great deal more than we expected.   Best of all we avoided the shortcomings associated with Cruise Ship bus trips around crowded tourist traps and our super day out cost us about half of what the ship's pale shadow of a city excursion would have cost

For Information: We booked our  Alan Fogarty Half Day Tour on line at   The cost was R550.00 per person and he trusted us to pay in cash on the day.    On the morning of the tour, we walked down the ship's gangway and Alan, holding up a card with our names printed on it, was there to meet us.   At the end of the trip which lasted a good deal longer than the half day we had booked, Alan returned us to the ship.   We would thoroughly recommend Alan Tours, especially to UK cruise ship passengers visiting South Africa.   

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