Chris and Anne Shrapnel. November 2009


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From: Chris Shrapnel

Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 8:09 PM


Subject: Our recent visit

Dear Alan,

Just a quick note to say hello and to say how much Anne and enjoyed your company on our brief tour of PE. Not brief because of the time that we spent with you but because of the very limited time that we allowed for our time in PE itself. In fact the whole SA experience was far better than we had anticipated; the security thing never manifested itself and we met some wonderful, wonderful people, both black, white and in-between that has made a return trip a must. Including a trip to touch base with you.

Suffice to say that the day with yourself was an eye-opener in many respects and is there is any way that we can help your campaign to prevent that Irish fellow, Mr Denton, from wrecking the old centre of the town? Please let us know. (One of my skills is the writing and support of websites so if you need anything here let me know – I would certainly not charge for such a worthy cause.)

OK, so we saw England beat SA at PE today, but we also saw the new football stadium, the views over PE and all the memories came flooding back.

I hope all is going well for you and I hope you like the photos you took in that township bar (attached). That visit was amazing – I would never have thought it possible. It totally changed and coloured my perspective of life in SA.

If you need help changing peoples’ perspective of what life is really like in SA let me get involved. It’s your call.

Kind regards,


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