Carolyn (Ritt) Wilkins. July 2011


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Dear Alan,
I am writing to thank you for showing me some of the most fantastic sights I have ever seen. While on tour with you today I saw herds of elephants, buffalo, lions, antelope and many rare and beautiful birds. But the highlight of the trip came when we were able to see a large black rhino less than 50 feet from our jeep. There were several other cars touring the park while we were there but I doubt they got to see all the things we did.  Your years of experience in the bush country clearly showed as you followed the animal tracks to guide us to the hiding places of even the most reclusive animals. You answered all our questions with patience and even bought us lunch.

All in all, it was a truly memorable experience. Please feel free to post this letter on your website.  I cannot recommend Alan's Tours highly enough.


Carolyn Wilkins
Professor of Ensembles
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA

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