Cape Recife and 4x4 Grysbok Nature Reserve . Code (HD12)


On your doorstep in Port Elizabeth, this tour takes place at Cape Recife, the meeting pointoftwo of the most awe inspiring environments on earth, the restless expanse of the Indian Ocean and the mysterious continent of Africa. The moody ocean, caught in a never-ending struggle for dominance with the terrestrial environment, the frontline, a surging, dynamic, ever changing boundary, the seashore.


Here the surf zone spills foaming breakers onto shifting sand dunes, tentatively covered by hardy, salt resistant plants, a prelude to the vast thicket, savannas, deserts and the forest of the African continent.

We delve into rock pools discovering diverse habitats and inhabitants that occupy the intertidal zone at low tide, under the watchful eye of the historical Cape Recife lighthouse (article by Chris Marais)



A bird watchers paradise with as many as 8 species of Tern, the Roseate Tern being the most sought after, Gulls, Waders and other marine bird species from far and wide and a good number of the endangered Black oystercatchers are either visitors or full time residents of this exposed shoreline. Close inland many raptors such as the Rock Kestrel, Secretary Bird, Jackal Buzzard and the migratory Steppe Buzzard. The Marshal Eagle, Africa’s largest and the Brown Snake Eagle have all been known to visit these vegetated sand dunes.


Game Drives:

Alan Tours offers 2 game drives daily 

  • The Morning game drive starts at 8.30 a.m., summer or winter. We meet at Pine Lodge and depart in the tour vehicle for Cape Recife and Grysbok Reserve on the edge of Port Elizabeth.
  • We stop to explore this coastal wonderland, the hardy fynbos and the many uses these plants had for the early inhabitants. Watch the elegant mammals, the iconic Springbok, Zebra, Red Hartebeest and the diminutive, endemic Grysbok, occurs in abundance in the reserve that bears its name.
  • We include the intertidal zone especially at low tide, and the spectacular Cape Recife lighthouse.
  • The drive lasts for approximately 2.5 hours. 

Morning game drive includes:

·         Guided Tour
·         Entrance fee
·         Bottled water 

Rate per person for the morning game drive: R350.00

Minimum two persons

Rate valid till 31.10.2016




m_zebra_in_fynbos.jpgThe Sunset game drive starts at different times according to the seasons.

·         Winter departure (April – August) is at 15hrs30.
·         Summer departure (September – March) is at 16hrs00 while.

At sunset we take a break to enjoy a glass of wine and snacks before continuing into the darkness of the night with the aid of a powerful spotlight. We search for nocturnal creatures under the cover of dark. Owls and Bushpig, Porcupines and Caracal amongst others can be found on their nocturnal wonderings.

The Sunset game drive is approximately 3.5 hours in length.

Sunset game drive includes:

  • Guided tour
  • Entrance fee
  • Bottled water/wine
  • Snacks       

Rate per for Sunset game drive: R450.00

Minimum two person 

Rate valid till 31.10.2016







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