Brian. September 2008


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From: Brian

Sent: September 2008

Hi Alan, Just a social call.

When I look back over our travels together one of my favourite memories is the night in the rain with the flat tires. I tell that story the most. “My real African adventure” When we went to that farm stand for repairs and the lady offered me a drink. This was beautiful “old school” hospitality.

I told the flat-tire story, recently, to an old pal of mine. ( his idea of a holiday is for he and his wife ( he got married for the first time when he was 52)to trailer his horses to the Cypress Hill and disappear for a couple of weeks.) He thought it was really living! – Pouring rain, local guys helping to fix the tires, muddy roads, midnight, a snifter of whiskey for those that wish. You can live more during a repair in a rainstorm than most people live in a month !

I had better go now. I am needed in the salt mine.

Cheers, Brian

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