Guest Gallery

  • m_dscn9669.jpg More Zanette and Frikkie - 29.05.2016
    A fantastic, diverse day on the Original Big 7 Safari in Algoa Bay and Addo Elephant National Park with guide Luke
  • m_img_8255.jpg More Jerry and Friends - 28.05.2016
    An eventful day in Addo Elephant National Park for a full day tour with Alan and Luke; lions, elephants, buffalo and cheetah to name a few!
  • m_img_8058l.jpg More Louise and Steve - 23-24.05.2016
    What a lovely day in the wonderful Addo elephant national park, super people, super weather, lots to see, family herds of elephant with babies then onto ride the new friends in the mountains
  • m_img_7824.jpg More Steven and Shane - 20.05.2016
    Picked up Steve and son Shane in Jeffrey's bay for a wonderful day safari to the Addo Elephant national park where we saw great Elephant, Buffalo and a lot of Zebra, warthog in wonderful weather
  • m_dscn0409.jpg More Marius and Savastita - 11.05.2016
    Marius and Savastita booked themselves on a private tour to the Addo Elephant National Park with Alan Tours and got to see some of the fantastic wildlife in this wonderful game reserve
  • m_img_7483.jpg More Kathy and Francesco 5-10 May2016
    Kathy and Francesco, what can I say? You booked three wonderful tours with Alan Tours, the first to the amazing Addo Elephant National Park where we saw so much including a failed attempt by the lions to catch a zebra. Then an interesting tour of the unique Cape Recife nature reserve, Penguin rehabilitation centre and Lighthouse then finally a historic tour of the Port Elizabeth inner city. Thank you, you arrived as guests and left as friends, still are!!
  • m_img_5278c.jpg More Brian and Carol - 05.05.2016
    Brian and Carol on Safari in the diverse Addo Elephant National Park as they search the thickets for the members of the Big 5 and so much more
  • m_img_7242r.jpg More Rika, Harry, Andre, Gerlind, Robin, Stephan, Anika, Ina and Christian. 04.05.2016
    On an Original Big 7 safari with Alan Tours on the waters of Algoa Bay after the marine tour where we saw large schools of Dolphins and many penguins on St Croix Island. After a great lunch in the harbour we went to the nearby Addo Elephant National Park with the family and as always saw so many Elephant, Buffalo, Warthog, Zebra and so many more.
  • m_img_6653.jpg More James, Russell, Richard, Dean and Derek. 03.05.2016
    On a big 7 safari with Alan Tours. An early boat cruise on Algoa Bay watching for the many Dolphins in the bay, then back to the harbour for a delicious lunch at the restaurant after which we piled into the toyota land cruiser safari station wagon for the trip out to the Addo Elephant National Park for an afternoon viewing the abundant herds of Elephant, Buffalo and other amazing wildlife found in this diverse park with 5 amazing guys from different parts of the UK and America
  • m_dscn1250b.jpg More Birgit, Rolf, Anna und Matteo. 01.05.2016
    Birgit, Rolf from Germany and Anna und Matteo from Switzerland booked a safari with Alan Tours to the Addo Elephant National Park on a cool but bright sunny day. Traveling in the Alan Tours Land cruiser safari station wagon, we saw some lovely sightings of herds of Elephant with their youngsters, big Kudu bulls and an amazing interaction between a Rhino and some of the Elephants at a watewrhole. What an experience to see this rare animal taking on the largest land animal at the waterhole. Plenty to film for Matteo who is an avid cinema photographer
  • m_dscn0380.jpg More Baerbel and Burton - 30.04.2016
    Baerbel and Burton on tour with Luke from Alan Tours on a bright sun filled day in the Addo Elephant National Park where they saw plenty of elephant some walking straight down the road towards them, Eland, buffalo and ostrich besides the many warthog and other interesting creatures
  • m_dscn0277l.jpg More Eveliene and Marjola - 29.04.2016
    Eveliene and Marjola on an exciting safari in the Addo elephant national park with Luke as their guide
  • m_img_5849a.jpg More Isabel. 21.-30.04.2016
    Isabel on her 4th tour with Alan Tours. Madre mia!! thanks so much for the wonderful support and the great trips around this country. This one is from East London to the awesome Wild coast, Bulungula, The Hole in the Wall, Coffee bay, Mbyoti river to Durdan. What wonderful South Africa Safari
  • m_img_4915w.jpg More Jonathan, Paulette, David, Patricia, Leigh, Julie, Thomas, Paul, Anna - 19.04.2016
    Guests from the Queen Victoria Cruise Liner enjoy a day in the Addo Elephant National Park with thier guide Peter
  • m_img_1280m.jpg More Martin, Wendy, Alison, Dave, Martin, David, Stephen, Lilian - 19.04.2016
    Guests from the Queen Victoria Cruise Liner enjoy a day in the Addo Elephant National Park with guide Malcolm
  • m_dscf9162.jpg More Christine, Leah, Josephina, Matt, Georgie, Neilon - 19.04.2016
    Carmen from Alan tours with crew from the Queen Victoria cruise liner, Christine, Leah, Josephina, Matt, Georgie, Neilon on their half day tour of the Addo Elephant national park outside Port Elizabeth
  • m_dscn0245i.jpg More Ilke and Renate - 19.04.2016
    Ilke and Renate on a Big 5 safari with Alan Tours in the Addo Elephant national Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • m_img_4955.jpg More Lynne and John, Gwen and Ian, John and Doreen - 19.04.2016
    Guest from the Queen Victoria Cruise Liner enjoyed a fabulous day with their guide Alan
  • m_img_4701.jpg More Linda and Peter - 16.04.2016
    Linda and Peter had wonderful sightings on their full day Addo Elephant National Park safari with Alan
  • m_img_4618.jpg More Boris with Family and Jana - 12.04.2016
    A wonderful Big 7 Safari with Boris and family with Jana. Great sightings of Dolphins, Penguins and a Brydes Whale while on Big 7 safari in Algoa bay before traveling to the Addo Elephant national park to view Elephant, Lion Buffalo and so much more
  • m_img2016041100108.jpg More Henning. 11.04.2016
    Henning out to compete in the annual Ironman competition went on a safari with Alan Tours to the Addo Elephant national Park, in the Eastern Cape South Africa
  • m_dscn0037j.jpg More Sharanjeet and Pandina - 11.04.2016
    Sharanjeet and little Pandina joined Luke from Alan Tours for a spellbinding tour of the garden route and the Crags where they visited the Birds of Eden and Monkeyland as well as the storms river bridge
  • m_img_4188.jpg More Margaret and Michael - 11.04.2016
    Margaret and Michael on an exciting safari in the Addo elephant national Park and then onto the Addo elephant back ride in the Zuurberg mountains
  • m_img_5022.jpg More Sturla and Gunhild - 07.04.2016
    Sturla and Gunhild who were from Norway on a surfing trip in Jeffreys Bay went on a Big 5 Safari in the Addo Elephant National Park with Carmen from Alan Tours
  • m_dscn9958i.jpg More Tina and Darren, Alberto and Sara - 07.04.2016
    While in Port Elizabeth to compete in the annual Ironman competition Tina and Darren, Alberto and Sara joined Luke from Alan Tours on a Big 5 Safari to the Addo elephant national Park
  • m_img_3862f.jpg More Fabian and Daria - 30.03.2016
    A wonderful day started when we spotted Dolphins in the surf line at Super tubes before we even left Jeffreys Bay. Addo was kind and produced some wonderful sightings, Big and small. Zebra stallions fighting, Lots of Elephant, Buffalo's, Dung Beetles rolling their nest balls of dung. Big Male lions lazing the day away, bright flowers and so much more
  • m_dscn1060t.jpg More Thomas, Bianka und Heidi. 29.03.2016
    Alan Tours mit Thomas, Bianka und Heidi aus Deutschland, die in Jeffreys Bay Urlaub machten, im Addo Elephant National Park, Eastern Cape, Suedafrika
  • m_dscn9861.jpg More Marieke and Jim. Big 7 safari - 25-03-2016
    Marieke and Jim on a Big 7 tour with Luke from Alan Tours, in Algoa Bay and the Addo Elephant National Park, Port Elizabeth
  • m_dscn9641i.jpg More Michel and Ingrid , Ignasi and Mom - 19.03.2016
    Michel, Ingrid, Ignasi and Mom on a Big 5 Safari with Alan Tours in the Addo Elephant national Park where Luke, our guide produced some spectacular sightings for these wonderful people
  • m_dscn9481.jpg More Hallie, Susan, Bonnie, Ellen and Lynn - 18.03.2016
    Hallie, Susan, Bonnie, Ellen, Lynn on a big 5 Safari in the Addo elephant national park with luke from alan tours. Although limited in time they were treated to some spectacular sightings in this amazing national Park
  • m_img_3438e.jpg More Ellen und Guenther. 16. - 23.03.2016
    Ellen and Guenther from Germany on a Garden Route tour with Alan Tours along the southern Cape coastline, Cape Agulhas and the magnificent Cape Town and return along the exquisite winelands route and the spectacular Karoo. Ellen und Guenther aus Deutschland unterwegs auf der Garten Route entlang der Suedkueste, Cape Agulhas und das faszinierende Kapstadt, dann wieder zurueck entlang der equisiten Wein Route und durch die spektakulaere Karoo.
  • m_img_2732.jpg More Louise and Steve - 14.03.2016
  • m_dscn0088f.jpg More Sabrina, Ruben and Carin - 12.03.2016
    Sabrina, Ruben and Carin on a Big 5 Safari in the Addo Elephant national Park with Alan Tours, where they had some special sightings of Elephant, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Vervet monkeys and many more while out with Luke our specialist nature and wildlife guide
  • m_img_2409..jpg More Deborah and Mary - 10-13.03.2016
    Deborah and Mary from England booked one of the Port Elizabeth packages and had a busy few days viewing some of the spectacular sights and sounds in and around Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape. We did a Port Elizabeth city and historical tour. A wonderful insight into the Cape Recife nature reserve, the Samrec rehab centre for marine birds then off to the nearby Addo Elephant national park for a Big 5 safari in this amazing national park then off to the Garden Route to view the lovely Wild flower reserve en route to the Storms river bridge, the beautiful Tsitsikamma national park then onto the Birds of Eden and Monkeyland before returning to Port Elizabeth
  • m_img_2287.jpg More Ronald party. 11.03.2016
  • m_dscn9879.jpg More Andrew and Friends - 10.03.2016
  • m_img_2151m.jpg More Monica, Joshua, Uri and Shanna. 10.03.2016
  • m_img_1951u.jpg More Tom and Marloes. 08.03.2016
  • m_img_1894t.jpg More Thomas and Pam. 07.03.2016
  • m_dscn9757.jpg More Bernd - 28.02.2016
  • m_20160224_12.19.05.jpg More Kim, Sue and Guido - 24.02.2016
  • m_img_9993c.jpg More Irit and Barry. 24.02.2016
  • m_dscn9672.jpg More Geoff - 21.02.2016
  • m_dscn9518.jpg More Terry, Carla and Dale - 20.02.2016
  • m_dscn0214m.jpg More Marina und Marius. 20.02.2016
  • m_dscn0130pq.jpg More Patrick, Ursula und Karlheinz. 17.02.2016
  • m_img_9571q.jpg More Margaret and Allan. 16.-20.2.2016
  • m_img_9428ea.jpg More Elissa and John Garay. 14.02.2016
    Elissa and John Garay arrived on the Silver Cloud cruise ship in the Port Elizabeth harbour, from New York where Elissa is a travel writer for the cruise ships with husband John, the official photographer and tour guide when at home. After a morning in Addo, I took them on a whistle stop historical city tour and a short trip to Cape Recife and the Lighthouse on this wind swept peninsula. An amazing couple, thanks for the great coverage
  • m_img_9341s.jpg More Sylvain and Aline. 13.02.2016
  • m_img_9309m.jpg More Insignia cruise ship passengers. 12.02.2016