Guest Gallery

  • m_dscf4004c.jpg More Greg and Alida - 29.04.2017
    This couple from Cape Town did the Cape Recife lighthouse, SANCCOB and Grysbok Nature Reserve Tour in Port Elizabeth on their long weekend visit to our city
  • m_img_9651n.jpg More NMBT. 28.04.2017
    Uk travel agent and media group on the Penguin rehab., Cape Recife and Lighthouse Tour
  • m_img_9887aa.jpg More Graham and family. 27., 29. and 30 April 2017
    This family from England enjoyed three wonderful tours while on holiday in South Africa: A safari to the Addo Elephant National Park, the rugged 4 x 4 terrain and the beautiful Garden Route
  • daisy_44.jpg More Daisy and Sebastian - 18.04.2017
    This couple from the States saw so much on their half day safari in Addo Elephant National Park with the highlight being the two lions at a buffalo kill
  • m_pdw8632p.jpg More Marilyn, Lew, Alma and Peter. 17.04.2017
    Passenger from the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship had a great day out in the popular Addo Elephant National Park
  • m_img_6138.jpg More Mo, Brian, Jim, Leisa, Spencer and Sandra. 17.04.2017
    Passengers from the Queen ELizabeth II cruise liner enjoyed a memorable safari in the Addo Elephants National Park
  • sunset_31.jpg More Queen Elizabeth II sunset - 17.04.2017
    Passengers from the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship had a fantastic day on the Addo Elephant National Park and Sunset River Cruise Safari with a delightful lion sighting in the park and a sublime sunset over the Sundays River to end it off
  • m_img_9204h.jpg More Luciana and Henrique. 14.04.2017
    The couple from Brazil had great sightings on a pleasant autumn day in the Addo Elephant National Park
  • m_img_9116.jpg More Iris and Doron. 12.04.2017
    Doron and Iris enjoyed a sunny day in the Addo Elephant National Park, some mud loving creatures and playful Elephants
  • m_img_8892k.jpg More Katrina and Eugene. 6 - 9 April 2017
    Katrina and Eugene from New Zealand enjoy a wonderful tour of South Africa's spectacular Garden Route and the Addo Elephant National Park
  • amy_9.jpg More Amy and family - 04.04.2017
    Friends enjoyed a beautiful day in the Addo Elephant National Park on a birthday safari together, with an extra special sighting of the lioness sisters
  • m_dscf3650_2.jpg More Paul and Christopher - 04.04.2017
    An Ironman athlete and his son from the USA had an amazing experience on the Addo Elephant National Park and Elephant Back Safari together
  • m_pdw8568.jpg More Anthony and Family - 4-5.4.2017
    This group enjoyed fansitic sightings including a lioness hunting and a lion with a kill on their Big 7 overnight Sights and Sounds Safari
  • m_dscf3455_2.jpg More Suzanne - 31.3 and 1.4 2017
    The partner of an Ironman participant experienced the wildlife of the area while he trained; she did the Kragga Kamma Game Park safari and then the Big 7 Safari on the second day with some very special sightings
  • m_dscf3211_2.jpg More Pedro - 30.03.2017
    Pedro, an avid birder from Spain was blown away by the birds we have in South Africa and was treated to a birding tour in Port Elizabeth where Cape Recife and the Island Forest Reserve were visited for the best bird sightings
  • m_20170330_125912b.jpg More Blair and Ray. 30.03.2017
    This couple had amazing up close sightings of Elephants, Zebras and so much more on safari in the Addo Elephant National Park
  • ivan_47.jpg More Ivan, Pedro, David, William, Leslie - 29.03.2017
    Leslie and William from the states and Ivan, his father Pedro and friend David who were here for the Ironman Triathlon competition had a splendid day in Addo Elephant National Park with special bird sightings and an amazing jackal sighting at the end
  • m_dscn6610.jpg More Jana und Georg. 29.03.2017
    Auf ihrer zweiten Tour buchte Jana dieses Mal einen Tagestrip durch die weniger ausgetretenen Pfade ins Hinterland und die spektakulaere Baviaanskloof
  • iron_42.jpg More Hector, Michael and Christine - 28.03.2017
    Ironman participants from the USA Hector and Michael and Christine from Germany who has a special love for South Africa, had a fantastic day on the Big 7 Safari in Algoa Bay in the morning and Addo Elephant National Park in the afternoon
  • lvs_44.jpg More LVS School Tour - 25.03-02.04.2017
    LVS Ascot School from England went on a fantastic South Africa tour starting in Cape Town, along the Garden Route and ending at Addo Elephant National Park
  • fred_16.jpg More Florian, Tomoni and Frederik - 25.03.2017
    Mother and son from Germany and a solo bicycle traveller from Italy did the Addo Elephant National Park and Tooth and Claw combo safari, the park was beautifully fresh after some much needed rain and special close elephant sightings were experienced
  • m_img_4990.jpg More NMBT 23.03.2017
    The Scandinavians see the light. Hosted by Alan Tours in partnership with NMBT (Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism)
  • david_29.jpg More Szilvia, David, Robert - 22.03.2017
    Hungarian friends and colleagues enjoyed a safari in Addo Elephant National Park together
  • m_img_4932g.jpg More Geoff and friends. 21.03.2017
    Friends from South Africa stopped in Port Elizabeth visiting Cape Recife during their travels visiting all 49 SA lighthouses
  • rita_18.jpg More Kurt and Rita - 21.03.2017
    This couple from Switzerland enjoyed their safari in Addo Elephant National Park, the elephants were quite a sight at the waterholes on this very hot day
  • m_img_4853j.jpg More Christina und Joern. 20.03.2017
    Der Ritt auf dem Elefanten in den Zuurbergen war der Hoehepunkt der Tour fuer Christina und Joern
  • m_img_4578t.jpg More Thilo. 19.03.2017
    Thilo hatten das Safarifahrzeug ganz fuer sich alleine an diesem erlebnisreichen Tag im Addo Elephant National Park
  • m_dscn6483q.jpg More Joachim und Margit. 18.03.2017
    An einem herrlichen Sommertag genossen Margit und Joachim die vielen verschiedenen Tiere, von gross bis klein, im Addo Elephant National Park
  • m_img_4269j.jpg More Jeff and Anna. 12, 15 and 16 March 2017
    On holiday in South Africa Anna and Jeff enjoyed the day out in the Addo Elephant National Park, a City Tour of Port Elizabeth and a day trip along the Garden Route
  • m_img_4143k.jpg More Karl-Heinz und Klaus, Jeff und Anna. 12.03.2017
    Arbeitskollegen aus Deutschland verbrachten ihren freien Tag waehrend ihres Suedafrika Einsatzes im Addo Park und kamen den Elefanten fast auf Tuchfuehlung. Mit von der Partie waren Jeff und Anna aus England.
  • m_img_4038c.jpg More Claudia und Bruno. 11.03.2017
    An einem herrlichen Sommertag hatten Claudia und Bruno jede Menge Fotomotive auf Safari im Addo Elephant National Park
  • m_img_3853j.jpg More Julia und Martin. 10.03.2017
    Die Loewen am Kadaver und jede Menge Elefanten waren ein Hoehepunkt der Safari im Addo Elephant National Park fuer Julia und Martin
  • 9march_19.jpg More Samantha, Gary, Christine, Peter and Harry - 09.03.2017
    Three sets of guests all from the UK were on an action-packed Big 7 Safari together; bottlenose dolphins, bait balls on the marine trip and lionesses with a kill in Addo Elephant National Park
  • m_img_5332.jpg More Brigitte and Guenter, Lenita and Stanley - 01.03.2017
    Passengers from the Silver Cloud cruise ship enjoyed a day of fantastic sightings on safari in Addo Elephant National Park
  • cc_42.jpg More Ceren and Christoph - 01.03.2017
    This couple from Germany had an amazing experience together on the Addo Elephant National Park and Elephant Back Safari
  • dz_2.jpg More David and Zsófia - 26.02.2017
    This Hungarian Honeymoon couple had a day of amazing sightings on the Big 7 Safari in Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth and Addo Elephant National Park
  • samuel_3.jpg More Samuel and Felipe - 01.03.2017
    Friends on the Tooth and Claw Safari, these are the photos from the Addo Elephant National Park part with an amazing sight of a lioness
  • m_dscn6162t.jpg More Ingeborg und Tatjana. 24.02.2017
    Mutter und Tochter aus der Schweiz verbrachten einen erlebnisreichen Tag auf Safari und hatten besonderen Spass an den badenden Elefanten
  • m_dscn6100v.jpg More Verena und Thilo. 23.02.2017
    Auf einer Safari durch den Addo Elephant National Park begeneten Verena und Thilo nicht nur den faszinierenden Dickhaeutern sondern auch vielen anderen Kreaturen in ihrer natuerlichen Umgebung
  • lyg_42.jpg More Lygia - 22.02.2017
    Traveller from Brazil had an exciting sighting of lionesses among other wildlife in Addo Elephant National Park followed by an amazing experience on the back of an elephant
  • draddo_22.jpg More Dawn and Robert - 21.02.2017
    This couple from the UK enjoyed a safari in the green Addo Elephant National Park, the first part of the Addo, Tooth and Claw Tour
  • m_img_0034m.jpg More John and Angela. 19.02.2017
    Passengers from the Silver Cloud cruise ship had amazing sightings on their private guided safari
  • m_profile.jpg More Isabel - 20.02-03.03 2017
    Isabel's 5th Tour with Alan, this fantasic experience included St Lucia, Kosi Bay, Swaziland, Kruger National Park and Mapungubwe National Park
  • m_dscf1523_copy.jpg More Steven and Maggie - 19.02.2017
    This couple from the USA were thrilled with their safari experience in Addo Elephant National Park, with fantastic close sightings of elephant, buffalo and lions
  • m_img_2174s.jpg More Saskia, Judith, Lazlo and Wolodia. 18.02.2017
    Colleagues from the Netherlands enjoyed a great day in the Addo Elephant National Park
  • hle_34.jpg More Helen, Loraine, and Edwina - 17.02.2017
    Three friends enjoyed an incredible day of wildlife sightings on a Big 7 Safari while on a reunion trip in South Africa, dolphins and a caracal were among the many creatures spotted
  • angkirst_2.jpg More Angelika. 14., 16. und 19.2.2017
    Auf Urlaubs-Besuch in Suedafrika nutzte Angelika die Gelegenheit Port Elizabeth und die Umgebung auf drei verschiedenen Touren und Safaris zu erkunden
  • pgaaddo_8.jpg More Paul, Gritt and Andreas - 14.02.2017
    Paul, Grit and Andreas enjoyed a guided safari of Addo Elephant National Park, and were lucky to see some interesting animal interactions.
  • paulhaddo_12.jpg More Paul, Angela, Antonio, Jo, Denis and Betty - 13.02.2017
    Friends enjoyed a lovely guided tour of a misty Addo Elephant National Park, with some rare sightings and plenty sightings of mothers and their young.
  • m_pdw8127_2.jpg More Marieke and Eleonore - 12.02.2017
    Friends together on a safari in Addo Elephant National Park, they had an amazing sighting of lionesses with a kill