Guest Comments

  • m_img_0883f.jpg More Lucie. 1 November 2018
    The trip itself was everything we expected and more. Alan is a perfect host. He can drive safely, spot wildlife from a distance and will provide you with just the right amount of information, so that you will not feel overloaded. In addition, he is a very likeable person with a good sense of humour. Angelika and Alan take pride in making your trip unforgettable.
  • m_dpp_003.jpg More Bob. 21 October 2017
    Please pass on our compliments to Malcolm and Mike - both very competent and knowledgeable.
  • m_img_5232m.jpg More Muireann. 12 October 2017
    The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. As for Alan we couldn't have wished for a better guide he is so knowable and fun to be with which made our experience awesome.
  • m_img_3074.jpg More Michael. 8 October 2017
    Mit Alan tours hatten wir den richtigen Partner für einen Tag im ADDO Nationalpark. Sein geübtes Auge sah sofort, wo sich die Dickhäuter versteckt hielten, Alan kannte den Schlafplatz der gefleckten Hyäne und verstand es, uns die Tiere näher zu bringen.
  • m_malcolm_and_lynnex.jpg More Lynne, 3 October 2017
    We really enjoyed our day with your Malcolm, he was good company and very informative.
  • m_img_2530as46.jpg More Amanda. 26 September 2017
    We had a wonderful time on our tour and Alan was awesome! It was a very memorable experience. I will post a review on trip advisor recommending people book your tour. We cannot thank you enough!
  • m_from_l_to_r_mikekathrynperrybabetteted_and_robbin_zz31.jpg More Megan. 18 September 2017
    Angelika, You have TRULY been the most wonderful vendor I've worked with so far. I really appreciate your quick responses, your thorough information and checking! You've made it a joy to book this trip!
  • 20170916_135623_copymm.jpg More Vincent. 17 September 2017
    Thanks for Mike to take us yesterday, we really enjoy the trip in Addo elephant park. I will introduce my friends and relatives to join the same tour if they visit PE.
  • m_img_3364su.jpg More Sue. 13 September 2017
    I had a most enjoyable day to remember and the memories of Addo will stay with me forever. I would most certainly recommend Alan tours and hopefully sometime we will do another tour with you. Thank you Alan for making this trip memorable.
  • m_img_2180kll.jpg More Lucy. 30 August 2017
    Thank you for organizing today's tour with Alan. It was a wonderful experience to see these beautiful animals in the wild. I had a fantastic day. Thanks to you and Alan!
  • m_dpp_017ggm.jpg More Nicole. 23.08.2017
    Florian und mir hat der Tag sehr gut gefallen, vor allem das Elefanten reiten am Ende des Tages.
  • m_img_0348bn.jpg More Emmanuel. 13.08.2017
    It was a marvellous experience, Alan knows everything about the animals, their habits, the right place to be so that you can easily watch them. You can go in the park by yourself but you won't see and learn as much as we have done in one day with Alan.
  • m_georgeludwe_and_benjaminbbm.jpg More Georges. 10.08.2017
    Venant de France, nous avons passé une journée superbe avec Malcolm qui connait par coeur toute la région et nous a dirigé au travers du parc pour voir au plus près la vie quotidienne; historique du parc, rencontres rapprochées avec les animaux, exploration de la flore et de la vie quotidienne.
  • m_img_0746ffm.jpg More Frederik. 10.8.2017
    Alan Fogarty is a very experienced guide. He knows the good locations to spot many animals and his knowledge of fauna is brillant.
  • m_img_0458cxm.jpg More Christian. 6.8.2017
    Alan und Angelika hätten wir am liebsten in unsere Familie aufgenommen. Es war ein herzlicher und warmer Kontakt. Alan hat uns mit viel Humor und Geduld durch den Addo-Park gefahren. Ein unvergesslicher Tag mit Alan.
  • m_img_9795ccv.jpg More Katie. 05.08.2017
    Great tour and loved our guide, Alan.
  • m_img_8893oo.jpg More Onelia. 30.07.2017
    We opted for a 5 day package. The package is brilliant value since it includes your accommodation in Port Elizabeth.If you do go to Port Elizabeth, we couldn't recommend Alan Tours highly enough.
  • m_img_0303mm.jpg More Maree. 28.05.2017
    We are now back in Australia and wish to thank you for everything. We are returning in two years to PE and will definitely book another tour with you.
  • m_img_5282wa.jpg More Alina. 17.05.2017
    Wir hatten einen unglaublich schönen Tag!Alan und Luke haben einen super Job gemacht. Within the first 2,5 hours of the game drive we saw so many different animals already, including elephants, ostriches, kudus, zebras, buffalo and even hyenas!
  • m_img_8804kk.jpg More Katrina. 15.05.2017
    My husband and I booked a private Garden Route Tour with Alan Tours and it was hands down the best experience of our whole trip. Eugene and I had the absolute best time on this trip and our tour with Alan was such a highlight for us. We really loved his company and he really did make the trip so special for us.
  • m_img_9220hl.jpg More Luciana. 12.05.2017
    Thanks so much we really love the tour and Alan was so kind and gentle. It was incredible and unforgettable. We were very impressed with South Africa, specially the people.
  • m_20170314_171611.jpg More Frederik, 6.5.2017
    Thank you very much for the pictures, it was better to get them later, so that I can fresh up my memories! It was in deed a great day and I enjoyed Carmens company.
  • m_img_9707ag.jpg More Adam.05.05.2017
    What can i say, thank you Alan for 3 amazing tours Addo,off roading up mountain and garden route. As a family of 5 we couldn't of asked for more to get a truely amazing African experience loved your company as well as sight seeing. Would highly recommend Alans tours his enthusiasm and knowledge is infectious and really was a highlight of our trip
  • sunset_10m.jpg More Mary. 20.04.2017
    We had a wonderful time, thank alan for giving us such wonderful memories to take home
  • m_img_4275.jpg More Jeff. 18.04.2017
    Our first tour to Addo Elephant Park was amazing - Alan knows all the best locations and his knowledge is encyclopedic. a consummate professional the tour was a jaw dropping experience as big ( and not so big -we learned a good deal about Dung Beetles and their role in the local ecology)) game walked by our vehicle - trating us humans wit the contempt that we probably deserve.
  • m_pdw8631pm.jpg More Marilyn. 17.04.2017
    We will recommend Alan Tours to all of our friends on Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic.
  • m_pdw8632pm.jpg More Peter and Alma. 17.04.2017
    Thank you so much for supplying us with an experience that will live in our memories for many years to come.
  • m_dscn6485qj.jpg More Joachim. 17.04.2017
    Die Tour mit Euch war wirklich ein Erlebnis an das wir noch lange zurück denken. Wir dachten, in Namibia haben wir alle Tiere gesehen. Aber so direkt wie ihr es uns präsentiert habt, konnten wir es dort nicht sehen. Es ist nicht vergleichbar.
  • m_dscn6629gj.jpg More Jana. 04.04.2017
    Ein wunderschöner Tag mit Alan Tours und Angelika durch die Natur und Landschaft Südafrikas.Perfekt von Anfang bis Ende!!Im letzten Jahr die Delphine und Addo, heuer die Country Roads Tour.
  • m_img_3819jk.jpg More Julia und Martin. 30.03.2017
    Alan höchstpersönlich hat uns abgeholt und hat uns einen schönen und spannenden Tag im Addo Elephant Park geboten. Elefanten, Büffel, Zebras, Antilopen, Löwen... alles war dabei. Uns hat es sehr gefallen und können Alan Tours auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!
  • m_dscn6386kk.jpg More Klaus. 26.03.2017
    Ich hoffe Ihr habt weiterhin soviel Freude daran, anderen die Natur im Addo zu zeigen.
  • m_img_0848.jpg More Pauline 17.03.2017
    Thank you so much for the photographs, and the amazing tours. You guys are amazing from the booking to the actual tours themselves. Thank you thank you.
  • mmaddo_15m.jpg More Marc and Marylin. 16.03.2017
    We want to thank You once more, and especially Alan, for the amazing day we had in Addo Park, it was the perfect start of our unforgettable holidays in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We wish you both all the best and we will not hesitate to recommend Alan Tours to everyone who wants to visit South Africa!
  • img_2115v.jpg More Gritt und Andreas. 16.03.2017
    Die Sonne Afrikas strahlt noch immer aus meinem Gesicht und ich trage sie im Herzen mit all diesen tollen erlebnissen und Begegnungen. Grüße bitte Alan ganz herzlich von uns und du kannst sicher sein, dass ich diesen Tag nicht vergessen werde.
  • briansue_35_c.jpg More Brian and Sue. 16.03.2017
    We had a great day with Carmen, she was an excellant tour guide and looked after us very well.
  • m_img_4038cb.jpg More Claudia and Bruno. 12.03.2017
    Once again thank you for making an unforgettable day possible.
  • m_dscn6069vt.jpg More Thilo. 10.03.2017
    Wir hatten einen tollen Safari-Tag mit Angelika, die uns herzlich und informativ durch den Addo-Nationalpark geleitet hat. Sie hatte jederzeit einen guten Riecher dafür wo die meisten Tiere aufzuspüren sind und konnte uns noch viele interessante Dinge über die verschiedenen Arten erzählen.
  • img_0034.jpg More John. 09.03.2017
    A totally fantastic day throughout which we would recommend to anyone, and we send our thanks to all involved at Alan Tours.
  • mapungubwe_632.jpg More Isabel. 04.03.2017
    5th tour with Alan starting in Durban, Kosi Bay, Swaziland, Krueger and Mapungubwe. The best always.
  • pgaaddo_11m.jpg More Paul. 03.03.2017
    Now that I am home from my South African holiday, superb from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble for Alan, whose vast knowledge of the park, and immense knowledge and patience in spotting wildlife, all contributed to a brilliant day out in perfect weather conditions. Rest assured that I will recommend Alan Tours to any of my friends, family and colleagues considering a visit to South Africa.
  • steve_92.jpg More Steve - 02.03.2017
    I can't tell you how impressed we were with Carmen as our guide.We had a great experience. Before leaving Seattle, my Wife asked if we would see anything other than elephants. We sure did. Carmen was very informative, personable and all in all a terrific guide. Alan needs to realize what he has with her as an employee. Alan Tours offers more than Addo Park and I would recommend them if you are in the area for any tour.
  • nautica_19m.jpg More Sandy. 01.03.2017
    Well organised, fantastic park to visit for a day, very good ride through a world class facility. Saw heaps of wildlife (elephants right beside our car) and zebra, warthog, hartebeest, kudu, buffalo and rhino + much more.
  • paulhaddo_12b.jpg More Denis. February 2017
    The highlight of course was our drive through various precincts in the Park, where Alan outlined how the Park had been first established and developed, and sought out a range of animals and explained with an infectious enthusiasm their modes of life and their habitats.The game drive with Alan was much more personal than an excursion operated by a large Tour company. We were in the company of an expert and an enthusiast who was committed to conservation and sustainability. He was extremely personable and interested in meeting the expectations of his guests.
  • nautica29_23f.jpg More Roger. February 2017
    Alan himself picked us up from the cruise terminal, made us very welcome and with 35 years experience passed it on to us all on our day tour. He took us off the beaten track to where the coaches cannot go to see nature at its best. He knew where all the water holes were, had information from other drivers on sightings on route.This was a truly magnificent memorable experience.
  • m_dscn5695ae.jpg More Jens. 28.02.2017
    Wir hatten die Ganztages-Tour mit Angelika gebucht. Alles hat super funktioniert inkl. pünktliche Abholung am Hotel.Man könnte auch auf eigene Faust im Park fahren, aber mit einer professionelle und erfahrenen Führung, ist das einfach viel schöner.
  • lyg_45lj.jpg More Lygia. 01.03.2017
    I'm back in Brazil and I'd like to thank you for the wonderful day I had there. Carmen was such a great guide, sweet and very ponctual, we saw all the animals I wanted and everything went perfect!!
  • m_dscn5907ss.jpg More Sabine. 28.02.1017
    Der Tag mit Angelika im Addo Elephantpark mit anschließender Bootsfahrt auf dem Sundays River war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis für uns. Sie hat uns so herzlich empfangen und uns den Tag im Park zu einem Highlight gemacht. Ihre professionelle und erfahrene Führung (in deutscher Sprache) ist einfach Spitze.Es war uns eine große Freude Alan und Angelika kennen gelernt zu haben.
  • vg_522.jpg More Volker und Gisela. 12.2.2017
    Nun sind wir wieder zurück im kalten Deutschland und denken immer wieder an die beiden Touren mit Alan. Uns hat es sehr gut gefallen, Alan hat sich viel Zeit genommen und uns alles gezeigt und erklärt.
  • gillneil_402.jpg More Gill and Neil. 08.02.2017
    Further to our earlier trip to Addo today we would like to thank firstly Alan Tours for the quality of the trip into Addo.. thanks to Angelika for the quick reply to any emails we sent and lastly to Carmen .. well what can I say we thoroughly enjoyed our full day with her and she is very knowledgeable about the park and its wildlife and is very good company.. We will review our trip on trip advisor on our return to U.K but once again thanks
  • charmdan_1v.jpg More Danielle. 28.01.2017
    My mom and I had a wonderful time on the tours!