Guest Comments

  • m_p3170042d.jpg More Thella. March 2011
    There are a handful of days in my life which I consider 'cameo' days and our trip to Addo on Thursday is definitely one of those rare and unforgettable days. Thank you both for all your time, care, expertise and the delicious lunch!! It is I day that I will never forget and the Land Rover is such a perfect vehicle for viewing - the parts of the park I had never been to took my breath away and some of the photographs I took are good. My favourite photos are the ones taken right near the end of the day of the elephants eating Plumbago in the evening light - just heavenly.
  • More Diane Chorley. March 2011
    A week ago yesterday, you took me and two friends ( Vanessa and Jill ) to the Addo Elephant Park. It was a superb day and we all designated it as the very best way to end a super holiday in South Africa. Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge and for being so patient with us in terms of photography. As I write this I can smell the coffee!
  • m_p2100001.jpg More Corinna and Christian Joest. March 2011
    finally after nearly two weeks back in Germany I just like to send a little "hello"! On one hand we are already back to routine on the other I´m still in Africa. I´m trying very hard to relaxed manners, which I brought back from my trip with you. I hope you and Angelika are well and your business is good! Can´t wait to plan the next trip with you!
  • More Jonas, Astrid, Axel and Christina. December 2010
    Thank you Alan! This was really a huge experience for us to be able to see this part of South Africa through your eyes. I’m sure this will be in our minds for the rest of our lives!
  • More Josefine. December 2010
    Thanks so much for a fantastic day on Thursday and for the photos. Thembisa and I both had a wonderful time and have been telling our colleagues and friends about the adventure since we got back. I very much hope we can come back and cover the stories we discussed with you. I am optimistic we may be able to go again in February or March. Thanks again for turning our Thursday into a fascinating and informative adventure.
  • img_6414.png More Wallace Beaton. November 2010
    Fantastic day with a fantastic guide. Many thanks Alan, for sharing your passion + knowledge of Addo NP.
  • More Marie-Anick. November 2010
    Wow, what a lovely ride! Great service, great story, great viewing. Just a fantastic day.......... I love Africa!
  • m_img_9393.b.jpg More Wallace. November 2010
    Thanks Alan. We had a wonderful day and I hope your business continues to grow without losing your very personal touch. As we say in French, “à la prochaine” (until next time)…
  • m_img_9502.jpg More Sanusha and Patrick. November 2010
    Apologies for this late email. We've only just come to the end of our holiday and now checking email etc. We want to thank you, once again, for such an amazing experience. You made it fun and informative. We're still talking about our day with the elephants! We've been recommending you to EVERYONE! On a more personal note, Patrick proposed!! So we'll be getting married next year! We will definitely be bringing our families to PE for the Elephant experience.
  • m_img_3730.jpg More Lovell Anstee. February 2010
    At last things have settled and I have a chance to write. I do not have the words to express how our time was with you! When people ask me here how was the safari I can answer that I was so apprehensive about it as I was so excited about doing a safari for the first time and knew that it really could not live up to my expectations…. It was everything and more! What an experience. Thank you so much for everything, your knowledge, cooking, patience and thoughtfulness. It was an experience that will forever be in my heart. I do wish that I was eloquent enough portray to you the feelings that it evoked in me.
  • img_7570.png More Lee and Maggie.
    Hi Alan, Firstly a big thank you from both Lee and I for the wonderful trips with you. We are agog at your knowledge and passion, and would love to think that maybe one day we can repeat the experience without the excessive heat of last Tuesday!
  • m_img_7727..jpg More Sandy and Brian Gallup. January 2010
    However, if you truly want to see the elephant and smell the smoke of Africa, then you must ask Alan to take you far from the towns and cities, to some of his hidden away places, for a least a couple of days! That’s where he really shines. You will get close with remote African people and wildlife in a way that only Alan Tours can provide. You’ll find yourself in wonderful places that few travellers ever get to see.........We have recently booked our third tour with Alan. It will be a 10 day event for our party of five including our one year old grandson. (Alan will soon have him muttering in Afrikaans, I’m sure.) Our adventure will include Addo Game Reserve and the Wild Coast.
  • img_1801.png More Travis W. Heggie Ph.D.
    Out of all the places I have been and the experiences I have collected, the time I spent with you in the Eastern Cape ranks at the very top. Also, in addition to your hospitality, two things that really impressed me were your commitment to a sustainable (low environmental impact) tourism operation and your in-depth knowledge of both the natural and cultural environment. We could have simply stood on those coastal sand dunes and admired the scenery while watching the whales splashing in the water. Instead, I came away with a memory of the scenery and an in depth understanding of the culture and anthropology of the early people who inhabited those dunes. Wow!
  • m_170.jpg More David Newsome. December 2009
    Fogarty is an example of what a tour guide should be. State of the art tour guiding is engaging your client regardless of the situation. Fogarty can even make a pile of elephant dung an utterly astonishing and memorable experience! Such guiding means that what ever the conditions, and whatever is is seen or not seen, the tour is truly an unforgettable experience!
  • img_2836.png More Dean and Amanda
    While visiting, we met up with an incredible tour guide named Alan Fogarty.......We toured to Addo with him for some Elephant viewing, did a memorable Port Elizabeth Township and Tavern tour, and had an incredible full-day offroad experience into the interior of the country. Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed, and have several friends who are going next year who we have passed on the strong recommendation to. ......He without a doubt, Alan single-handedly made our vacation unforgettable.
  • m_img_2551a.jpg More Chris and Anne Shrapnel. November 2009
    Just a quick note to say hello and to say how much Anne and enjoyed your company on our brief tour of PE. Not brief because of the time that we spent with you but because of the very limited time that we allowed for our time in PE itself. In fact the whole SA experience was far better than we had anticipated; the security thing never manifested itself and we met some wonderful, wonderful people, both black, white and in-between that has made a return trip a must. Including a trip to touch base with you. Suffice to say that the day with yourself was an eye-opener ........
  • More Nigel Jones. October 2009
    Your experience and knowledge provided a really interesting interpretation of the area. I hope I will return in the future and I could explore another location/event/area with you.
  • More Brian. September 2008
    When I look back over our travels together one of my favourite memories is the night in the rain with the flat tires. I tell that story the most. “My real African adventure” When we went to that farm stand for repairs and the lady offered me a drink. This was beautiful “old school” hospitality. I told the flat-tire story, recently, to an old pal of mine. ( his idea of a holiday is for he and his wife ( he got married for the first time when he was 52)to trailer his horses to the Cypress Hill and disappear for a couple of weeks.) He thought it was really living! – Pouring rain, local guys helping to fix the tires, muddy roads, midnight, a snifter of whiskey for those that wish. You can live more during a repair in a rainstorm than most people live in a month !
  • img_6192.png More Sally and Mike Kennis
    Back in a cold U.K. after our 4th visit to South Africa and 4th to Port Elizabeth & Addo Elephant National Park. Mike and I would like to thank you for making our safari this year the best day we have had there by far, enhanced by your unparalleled knowledge and humour. (Could you please conjure up a lion for us next time !!!) We look forward to doing another trip with you in the future.