Guest Comments

  • m_img_3361s.jpg More Steve. 25.01.2016
    Thank you again Alan for a wonderful day at Addo. It was a real pleasure and a day we will never forget.
  • m_dscf5350rj.jpg More Jutta. 21.01.2016
    Schon vor unserer Kreuzfahrt mit der MS Europa 2 haben wir mit Alan Tours Kontakt aufgenommen. Sämtliche Informationen, Tipps und die Abwicklung ließen uns schon gespannt postiv auf unseren Ausflug lauern. Angelika, eine Deutsche Auswanderein, holte uns direkt am Cruise Terminal in PE pünktlich ab. Das Schild "Herzlich Wilkommen Reinhard und Jutta" zeigte uns die Herzichkeit von Angelika, die uns den ganzen Tag erwarten sollte. Sie zeigte uns soviele Tiere, aber am atemberaubensten waren die hunderte von Elefanten am Wasserloch. Viele einzelne Gruppen kamen immer wieder dazu mit den vielen Jungtieren. Angelika wurde nicht müde den ganzen Tag immer wieder das Auto zu wenden, damit wir den Tieren ganz nahe waren. Es war voll zu spühren.... Angelika liebt und lebt Afrika. Es war von vielen Safaris unserer Kreuzfahrt die Beste. Herzlichen Dank wir kommen wieder und wollen dann zusammen in den Krüger National Park
  • m_img_3459sp.jpg More Sanna. 19.01.2016
    Thank you especially for the safari trip! We did enjoy it very much. Very beautiful park. And Alan's knowledge about everything made an impression.
  • m_img_0082sl.jpg More Sandy. 15.01.2016
    Alan was very knowledgeable and showed a genuine interest in what we were seeking to see and in the general welfare of animals. At no time did we feel rushed despite leaving the park late in the day after seeing so many different animals. The photos Alan took of the day was a great unexpected bonus. We have no hesitation in recommending Alan
  • img_9481_copy.jpg More Annelies und Jean Pierre. 27.12.2015
    Vielen Dank liebe Angelika für Deine Zeilen und die herrlichen Bilder vom Addo - war mit Abstand das Beste, was wir bisher gesehen haben, nicht zuletzt dank Dir, wir haben den Tag voll genossen.
  • m_img_0347r.jpg More Richard. 23.12.2015
    Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful tour today. Got a good background on the history of PE and saw some beautiful buildings, before Denton takes them down. Thank you for guiding and your willingness to stop and snap photos, even though I am sure that you saw everything before a million times It was very nice to meet you, learn something, and have a nice time all at once. Thanks again.
  • m_img_8942rm.jpg More Regent Seven Seas Mariner passenger. 04.12.2015
    We arrived in Port Elizabeth on a cruise ship. Alan collected us right from the bottom of the gangway and no trouble figuring our how to accommodate the member of our party who had some special requirements. Then we were whisked off to Addo. We had a wonderful tour, seeing lots of elephants, including some just a few feet away. We also saw two cheetahs, a special treat. And a pair of red hartebeest who were having a tussle were really fun to watch as they ended up very close to us. Alan had the keenest eyes and ears. We would come over a hill, and he would spot an elephant at the next waterhole. We couldn't even locate the waterhole! And he would hear a bird call, know what it was, and look around until he located it. He also had a great relationship with other guides in the park and communicated with them on special finds like the cheetahs. It was a great tour, and he got us back to the ship exactly when we had asked, so you don't need to be concerned about missing the boat.
  • m_img_7201j.jpg More Jessie. November 2015
    We really enjoyed our tour!! Allan picked us up at the airport and dropped us at our hotel when tour was done!I was traveling with my 7yrs old son. Thank you so much!! We had such a great time on tour! I definitely recommend!
  • dscn9899k.jpg More Kim. October 2015
    We had the most amazing day in Addo. Collected from our accomodation at the agreed time, we were the only couple so had the guide to ourself all day. Our guide, Luke was fantastic. He spotted animals that we'd never have seen, he had such sharp eyes! Also very knowledgeable, so much information about animals, birds, and insects. Highly recommend Alan Tours. Very professional company, excellent vehicle, very knowledgeable guide, well worth the money.
  • m_dscn0099ls.jpg More Steve Pike. 22.11.2015
    We had a wonderful day with Luke. His knowledge was amazing. South Africa as whole has been a pleasant surprise. We hope to come back for longer.
  • m_img_4088s.jpg More Sylvia. 16.11.2015
    Ich wollten mich für den tollen Ausflug bedanken, Stefan und ich hatten sehr viel Spass und haben jede Sekunde genossen.
  • m_img_5055aa.jpg More Alison. 04.11.2015
    This was a fantastic adventure. The whole day was windy, but this just added to the tour. We chased the sun along the coast and marvelled at the white horses on the sea. Climbing a huge sand dune in the wind was like something out of Lawrence of Arabia. Alan is fantastic guide. I wouldn't hesitate to book another tour when I return to South Africa.
  • dscn9897k.jpg More Kim and Julie. 21.10.2015
    We just wanted to say thank you for sorting out our tour of Addo Park with Luke. We had such an amazing day, Luke was fantastic such a great guide, so knowledgeable and sharp sighted we would have missed so much without him.
  • m_img_3018m.jpg More Steve. 11.10.2015
    Thanks to Alan for sharing his time and knowledge with us! We thoroughly enjoyed his company and he made the day very special for us.
  • m_img_0458_copy.jpg More Margaret. 26.09.2015
    I had only one spare day in which I could go to a wildlife site while on a quick trip to southern South Africa recently, and I was very fortunate to have chosen Alan's Tours for that purpose. They were responsive to my emails, flexible in arranging to pick me up from the airport then drop me at my hotel, well-organized in terms of the itinerary. The vehicle provided was very comfortable and appropriate for viewing the wild life - much more so than several other vehicles I saw in the park, in which the participants must have been quite uncomfortable and very cold on a wintry, windy day. Alan lead the tour, and is clearly very knowledgeable about the park & animals in particular but also more general issues of wild life conservation. He also has a steadying calmness, combined with a dry wit, and worked hard (and successfully) to gain intelligence from other passing tour guides on where to go to see highlights. As a result, we ended up right next to two lions, saw three cubs sunning themselves on a hillside, and found ourselves (safely) right in the middle of a herd of over 200 elephants - not to mention a wide range of other fascinating wildlife sightings. Thanks again to Alan for his excellent commentary and animal-finding skills :)
  • m_dscn9823f.jpg More Felix. 24.09.2015
    We booked the full day Addo Elephant tour with Alan Tours. Everything went smooth. The contact before and after booking was very pleasant. Our guide Mervyn was on time picking us up and the tour began. Mervyn was very knowledgeable and the tour never got boring. Although we did not see the big 5 we still had a great day. Including a Lion sighting. Of course you can do the trip on your own BUT the extra information and the hints of where to look made the trip a lot more enjoyable. Alan Tours, thank you so much for making this experience happen.
  • m_img_0627i.jpg More Isabel 20.09.2015
    During this week's private tour that started in CT, up to Cederberg, beautiful Namaqualand, Augrebies Falls, the Big Hole, Bloemfontein and a boat trip not far from PE, I could nothing but confirm that Alan is the best.
  • img_3138.jpg More UNESCO conference. 14.09.2015
    I hereby would like to thank you and your staff for your excellent service during our UNESCO/IUPAC Conference, 7-10 September 2015, taking place at The Boardwalk International Conventional Centre in Port Elizabeth. Our delegates were very satisfied with your service and enjoyed the tours in Port Elizabeth and Addo National Park very much.
  • m_830kj.jpg More Janusz. 13.09.2015
    We have had a lot of luck that we have chosen the service of your company. We have had a comfortable car and a great opportunity to be very close to wild animals which were in abundance around us (I suppose Alan noticed that one of the elephants had tried to put his long trunk into the open window of the car – it was really exciting).
  • m_img_0187a.jpg More Katherine. 12.09.2015
    I cannot express enough what a wonderful time we had at Addo and South Africa for that matter. The whole experience was life changing and we cannot wait to return. Alan was so knowledgable about the park, the animals, the birds, the plants…it was such an amazing experience. When we come back we will plan on another tour, this time with our kids and one of the overnight tours you offer.
  • m_img_4737m.jpg More Melvin Slaats. 04.09.2015
    I’ve really had a great time with Alan and I also did enjoy his company! He is a gifted man that he can give people that kind of experiences by doing his job!
  • m_dscf4384_copy.jpg More Craig Rochin. 28.08.2015
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! Will surely come back with my family, the little ones would flip! Alan, not enough words to express my gratitude for all your enthusiasm and wealth of information. It is really what made the whole trip soooo fascinating. Your a star! Excellent you two! I am telling everyone how great your trip is. Will also post on trip advisor when I get home.
  • m_img_4142p.jpg More Pauline Brooke. 28.08.2015
    What an incredible day it was in Addo. It was a privilege to have spent a day in such a beautiful place and seen some awesome animals including Jessie the lioness. Alan's knowledge and passion for the place and the animals made it a truly mind blowing experience for me.
  • m_img_2303s.jpg More Stefan and Josephin. 23.08.2015
    Thanks again for the great day. No matter that large whales and sharks were missing the tour itself was really great. St Croix island and Addo - that is a unique combination. Coming back to South Africa is already planned, but will take some time...
  • m_img_2260s.jpg More Sreekumar Vadakke 10.08.2015
    I had a beautiful day with Alan. Eventhough we were bit unlucky in finding sharks and whales in the morning, the time spent in Addo was fabulous. Alan is a fantastic tour guide with six sense! I recommend Alan tour with 5 stars :)
  • m_img_1904ce.jpg More Catherine and Enrico 06.08.2015
    Many thanks for a wonderful tour of South Africa. We have so many fond memories - and love the photo gallery on your website! You are the best!
  • m_img_9835r.jpg More Roland Schmid, 27.6.2015
    I had an wonderful game drive this morning with you. I enjoyed it, was amazing see wild animals so near, specielley the lions and cheetahs.
  • m_img_0096g.jpg More Grainne Murray. 05.07.2015
    This was a wonderful trip. Alan was so helpful and a really wonderful person.
  • m_dscn9306a.jpg More Annie and Henry Pickup. 10 July 2015
    My partner and I had a brilliant day with Luke today. He was incredibly knowledgable, enthusiastic and easy to get on with. We spent the day at Addo and really enjoyed it. Would really recommend booking your trip with these guys. Do it now!
  • m_img_7549c.jpg More Clare Newton. 29.05.2015
    I had only a day to spare on this business trip from Australia and I reckon I am the luckiest person to enjoyed Alan's company, knowledge and enthusiasm from dawn to dusk. Today I feel slightly transformed with new eyes for this incredible world we live in.Thanks Alan! Who would have thought a dung beetle could be as interesting as a cheetah or elephant?
  • m_img_7142k.jpg More Daniel. 26.05.2015
    We highly recommend the Big 7 tour. We had the privilege of spending the day with Alan as he guided us on the cruise out to St Croix island taking time to share his extensive knowledge of the marine Eco system of the island, penguins and the bay. After a quick lunch on the dock we were off to Addo national park. Alan was an expert of not only finding amazing game to view in a beautiful natural setting, but also explaining the behaviors of the animals as well as the importance of the vegetation to the survival of the entire system
  • 089.jpg More Firefly. 23.05.2015
    Alan's knowledge and sharp eye just blew my mind. He pointed out things that the rest of us would have missed and explained everything there was to know from plants and flowers to the inner workings of a termite mound. He even pointed out that there was a small heard of kudu on the path in front of us. Not because you could see them but because every time we crossed the stream there we tracks on the other side and the soil around it was still wet. His knowledge didn't stop with the fauna and flora as he explained the rock paintings in detail. If you are looking for a great field guide to take you out on tour and you choose Alan, you are in for a treat.
  • m_27_3.jpg More Jan from Norway. 21.05.2015
    My best recommendations! The awsomest tourguide ever! Not only professional. Alan takes care of each tour member as if they were family.
  • m_img_6685ssq.jpg More Stephen Yarr. 23.05.2015
    Fantastic, friendly tour guide with a sixth sense for where the animals will be and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the wildlife! It will change your safari experience entirely! We went on tour with him to Addo
  • m_dscf2866b.jpg More Mara und Marion. 18,05.2015
    Aufgrund eines gestrichenen Fluges konnten wir nicht wie geplant den Addo-Park mit unserer Rundreisegruppe besuchen, sodass der Reiseanbieter nach vielen Absprachen eine private Tour mit Angelika von Alan Tours organisierte... uns hätte nichts Besseres passieren können!
  • m_img_6685ss.jpg More Stephen Yarr, 13.05.2015
    Thanks for a wonderful day, we came back refreshed and deeply satisfied with a true safari experience! We would never have had the confidence to get up so close to the animals, let alone find them! It was all enhanced by being able to see and identify all of the smaller wildlife and your opening up our eyes to understand what we were seeing.
  • m_img_5787..jpg More Margaret and Brian Mcintyre. 30.04.2015
    .....As we had never been on a tour like that we were apprehensive as to what to expect and were completely blown away by the Addo and your knowledge. I am sure that if we had driven around on our own we would not have experience half of what you showed us....
  • img_4985_copy.jpg More Donne. 14 April 2015
    The best part about being part of an 'Alan Tour' is that his knowledge of fauna and flora is makes the experience so much richer and he is also extremely professional. I highly recommend Alan Tours to anyone who is looking for a professional tour guide with the experience to back it!
  • m_img_2736j.jpg More Marilyn Gaus. 24.03.2015
    ...For the evening we booked Best Beaches Sundowner Tour. It was amazing and we highly recommend this to anyone who loves watching the sun go down on the beach and walking on sand dunes. Alan took us along the coast chasing the sunset visiting several beaches places of interest along the coast especially stopping at the Lighthouse which we would never have got to on our own. Truly amazing and unforgettable experience which we would gladly pay to do all over again.
  • m_img_0004_copy_copy.jpg More Susan Fisher. 15.03.2014
    My husband and I had the incredible experience of spending a day with Alan Fogarty of Alan Tours in Addo Elephant Park. Alan is incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect, the animals, birds, snakes, insects, plants, and the park. His knowledge and familiarity with the park is extraordinary. He is also really easy to be with! We learned so much and had such an incredible time. We saw so many different kinds of animals in their natural habitat. And because Alan has such a great understanding of the the animals and what they are doing he is great at finding them, and then when found knowing if something unusual or special might happen.
  • m_img_2304q.jpg More Ranjan Sarkar. 14 March 2015
    I booked Alan Tours reading the reviews on the web...and I surely did the right thing. Couldn't have asked for a better start for my holidays. From the word go Alan made me feel comfortable...collected right on time from the hotel..we proceeded for the St Crois island tour first...wonderful viewing of dolphins around if they were playing with us...then the penguins...lots of seabirds.Lunch was wonderful and we went off for the Addo Elephant park. Again he took a special effort for all of us..there were three of us...that all of us get a good view of all the animals..we sat for half an hour watching the lions make their was a really wonderful experience and i strongly recommend this to all. Like the commitment and professionalism and the passion of Alan with which he conducts the tour. A big thank you ALAN...keep it up.
  • m_dscf1990s.jpg More Gerd Rother. 10.03.2015
    Zunächst möchten wir uns bei Euch bedanken für die schönen Rundfahrten,die Ihr mit uns unternommen habt. Wir werden euch weiter empfehlen, und das mit gutem Gewissen. Ansonsten sind wir wieder gut in Deutschland gelandet. Die nächsten Wochen müssen wir bestimmt unsere Bilder im Bekanntenkreis zeigen und werden auch die Touren mit Euch bestens erwähnen.
  • m_dscf2129o.jpg More Ester Giorgianni. 01.03.2015
    This morning I met Angelika at my hotel do go to Addo Elephant park. I read a bit about it and I had great expectations about this excursion. I must say that it has been way more beautiful than I expected. Angelika is so informative, nice and cool, she makes you feel as you have always been friend. So relaxed and such a beautiful driver….the best!
  • m_img_0762.jpg More Paul Blake. 11.02.2015
    I booked the tour after reviewing the comments on Trip Advisor. If you have a day or even half a day to spare whilst you are in the Port Elizabeth area then take a tour with Alan - you will not be disappointed. Our tour exceeded all expectations mainly due to Alan's passion and knowledge and his commitment to ensure you get the best out of your tour. However the whole experience from enquiry to completion of the tour can only be described as exceptional.
  • m_dscf1807p.jpg More Albert Schaller. 07.02.2015
    Ich kann Ihnen nur nochmals sagen, daß wir den Tag genossen haben; unsere Erwartungen an die Tour haben Sie voll erfüllt!
  • m_img_9910x.jpg More Silvio Lopes. 29.01.2015
    We want to thank you for the great job you did for our group. Everybody enjoy very much everything in Port Elizabeth, Addo Park , Safaries, food and specialy your cordiality , good humor and professionalism… Everybody loves South Africa and surely we´ll come back!!! See you my friend and congratulation!!!
  • m_dscf1477p.jpg More Collette Foster. 14.1.2015
    My very first safari! Complete with a very close encounter! Could not have asked for a better guide or group of people to share it with! Addo Park is mostly elephants, but we were all very lucky to see so many other animals - just no giraffes!
  • m_dscn9107p.jpg More Bob Entwisle. 9.1.2015
    From start to finish the tour exceeded our expectations. Alan has 30 years experience in the 'game' industry and he had no problem answering our numerous questions about the flora, fauna and history of the park and South Africa in general.
  • m_dscn8737m.jpg More Isabel Pinto - 26.12.2014 - 7.1.2015
    Since the city tour to PE I was impressed with Alan's accuracy, enthusiasm and attentiveness which continued during the 2 visits I made to Addo Elephant National (the Kabouga section is also very interesting), the Kragga Game8, the Sunset Party so close to the city and plenty of animals, the amazing 6 day Garden Route and finally the tours in and around Cape Town. What an incredible professional Alan is, fun to be with, I had really the best holidays ever!
  • m_dscf1657_p.jpg More Patrick Ogger. 4. + 5.1.2015
    Es war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, wir danken dir dafür sehr. Macht weiter so.