Guest Comments

  • m_img_1077a79.jpg More Angela. 25 March 2018
    Alan picked us up from our hotel, drove us to the park, and gave us a fantastic tour. He knows the park inside and out and is extremely knowledgeable about all of the animals. We saw elephants, lions, zebras, and all kinds of animals -- up close and personal! His van is clean and well-maintained, and we really enjoyed our time with him. Also, his prices are very reasonable. I give Alan Tours my highest recommendation.
  • m_img_0179.jpg More Colm. 21 March 2018
    Alan is, simply put, a phenomenal tour guide: he deeply and intuitively understands and cares about nature and, in particular, the amazing herbivores and carnivores which call Addo home. We learnt so much from him, got some amazing photos, and had a very close-up experience with many of the animals
  • m_img_1098a93.jpg More Angela. 19 March 2018
    It was a phenomenal tour and I plan to give him a great review on Trip Advisor. The photos are just terrific. Please give my best to Alan.
  • heather_and_john.jpg More Heather. 18 March 2018
    Our tour guide,Malcom picked us from our accommodation right on time :-))He is an incredible wealth of knowledge and as my husband has a love for all living creatures,big and small:-))Malcom took the time to stop every time, my husband or Malcom spotted anything that moved:-)) In closing,we would highly recommend Alan Tours,we spent a most memorable day,that we will never forget!! The whole experience from booking,the Adventure into the park,the pictures we received that Malcom himself had taken,shortly after our Tour,makes "Alan Tours" stand above and beyond our other Safari experiences!!!
  • m_img_0661a28.jpg More Alexandra. 17 March 2018
    Wir haben den Tag sehr genossen, trotz dem Regen. Es war schön zu sehen wie sich die Tiere über den Regen freuen. Der Tag war super und sollten wir jemals nochmal nach Südafrika kommen, werden wir auf jedenfall nochmal eine Tour buchen.
  • m_img_0092j14.jpg More John. 16 March 2018
    As for Alan, if Diane and myself would have wished for the perfect guide on Safari then it is him. His passion for his job (although I very much doubt he sees it as work) is staggering. His knowledge, warmth, dedication, eye for detail is exemplary. It was an absolute pleasure to be in his company for the whole day. A word about Andrew as well, we felt so comfortable to have him with us in the vehicle, it was almost like having a friend coming with us for the day. Just a note to say thank you very much for everything you have done. Since my first contact with you many months ago to the actual day of the Safari your professionalism and attention to detail has been perfect.
  • m_img_0094j85.jpg More Menno. 15 March 2018
    OMG! I had such a great day with Alan today. Was really the best! If you are looking for a Addo guide; please don’t look any further and book your tot with Alan Tours. His knowledge about the parc, the animals, the wildlife etc is enormous! He is a enthusiastic guide who will go the extra mile. The communication with Angelika (who takes care of the whole back office) is very fast, friendly and smooth. I definately wish everyone this unforgettable experience. My advise; Don’t go yourself or with another guide. It was a day I will never forget!
  • m_dscn1517m14.jpg More Markus. 8 March 2018
    Ich freue mich immer noch über unseren Tag, der war wirklich unglaublich. Noch mehr wurde er geadelt, da mein Kollege der auch schon im Addo war, bisher nur 2 Elefanten zu gesicht bekommen hat. Trotz Wasserloch 22 usw. Was wir alles erleben durften ...... einfach Klasse.
  • m_img_089432.jpg More Alicia. 6 March 2018
    I would like to thank you for the very informative and enjoyable outing to the lighthouse yesterday afternoon. The learners and staff gained a great deal of knowledge while having a bit of an adventure. Thank you for your willingness to accommodate our many requests and for your patience on the tour itself. You have given us all an experience which we will treasure.
  • m_dscn1437g50.jpg More Heinz-Juergen. 05 March 2018
    Von der Anfrage bis zur Durchführung in kleiner Gruppe (4 Personen) war alles Perfekt geplant und es wurde ein herrlicher Tag mit Angelika. Abgesehen von den vielen Elefanten haben wir eine große Anzahl weiterer Tiere gesehen.Es war ein wunderschöner Tag mit Dir im Addopark. Insbesondere die vielen Elefanten haben uns beeindruckt. Z.Zt. sind wir auf der Rückreise nach Deutschland und müssen alle Eindrücke erst einmal verarbeiten.
  • m_dpp_019n69.jpg More Neil. 1 March 2018
    What can I say? we had a fantastic day!! We saw so much in one day it was amazing. A big thank you to Alan Tours (I can't recommend you enough) and especially to Malcolm. Such a gentlemen and a fountain of knowledge. Also being the only ones booked on the tour for that day made it seem like our own personal tour.
  • m_img_013684.jpg More Nick. 27 February 2018
    Alan met us off the boat and we had a good filling lunch at the yacht club (included), then it was off to Addo, where we stayed until minutes before park closure. Alan was friendly and informative throughout and took great care to ensure that everyone had a good view and took whatever photos they wanted, repositioning his vehicle as necessary. Alan clearly has a great knowledge and experience of the animals in the park, as a result of which we were able to experience some extraordinarily close encounters, especially with elephants, without distressing the animals.
  • m_img_032553.jpg More Timo. 26 February 2018
    Bitte nochmals ein großes Dankeschön an Alan für die tolle Tour gestern !!! Haben wir sehr genossen.
  • m_l_to_r_stephaniebrandondeidreblubelle_and_nic.jpg More Nic. 22 February 2018
    Malcom has been such a lovely tour guide and we’ve enjoyed the trip. Will definitely be adding our comments to Trip Advisor when we return to the UK. Thank you for your great service from the time we contacted you via email and including Malcolm’s friendly and informative service.
  • m_20180202photo0000009273.jpg More Bill. 18 February 2018
    Thank you for the photos...they are great. And thank you for the care and attention, pre and post safari, you have provided us. Many Many thanks
  • l_to_r_barryelanamolly_and_helen.jpg More Elana. 18 February 2018
    We had the most fantastic day – loved it. Malcolm was wonderful ! I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends should they/when they visit South Africa. Was really a pleasure dealing with you and your company.
  • m_dscn940187.jpg More Jonas. 18 February 2018
    Vielen Dank für deine top Organisation! :) Wir hatten viel Spaß gestern und Christo war ein super Guide!
  • m_img_9451.jpg More Patricia. 18 February 2018
    From our first contact with Angelika of Alan Tours to our goodby at the pier we felt that we could not have had a better experience. Everything was perfect from our pick up to drop off. Alan was perhaps the best guide we may have ever been with. All of the city tour stops he planned for us were terrific, his knowledge of the history, culture and current political and economic situations was excellent. His manner of imparting the information was concise and engaging; Alan knows how to tell an interesting story.
  • img_9834.jpg More Keith. 17 February 2018
    With Alan Tours once booked you just don't have to worry. They will be there as they are an extremely professional organization. We were fortunate and were picked up by Alan himself and had his van to ourselves. This man is a walking encyclopedia of everything in nature. Alan explains the various features along the coastline. His knowledge of everything around him is quite extraordinary and he was able to answer every (probably stupid) question we asked! If you are coming to PE and want a guaranteed excellent tour then Alan Tours are a huge recommendation
  • dscn1543.jpg More Markus. 16 February 2018
    Vielen Dank an euch und speziell dich. Es war absolute Klasse !! Wir haben es sehr genossen. Wir haben auch sehr viel tagsüber gesehen. Die Infos mit den Löwen usw. waren absolut Klasse.
  • m_img_9091.jpg More Sally. 7 February 2018
    Another wonderful day out with Alan, he covers everything from the animals, to bushes flora/butterflies/birds and dung beetles. Saw many different animals, hundreds of elephants with their babies, wart hogs and babies. No lions this year but a rhino and my husbands favourite animal, kudus.
  • m_img_182472.jpg More Anke. 3 February 2018
    Von der ersten Anfrage bis zur Buchung hat uns Angelika sehr prompt mit ihren freundlichen Mails begleitet.Alan war sehr professionell, mit den anderen Guides in Kontakt und immer darauf bedacht, uns den besten Blick auf die Tiere zu ermöglichen. Wir haben von ihm viel über die Tiere, die kleinen und großen, ihr Verhalten und über die Bäume und Pflanzen im Addo gelernt. Er kennt sich sehr gut aus und vermittelt eine große Ruhe bei der Beobachtung und seine Liebe zur Natur ist spürbar.Diese Tour kann man nur empfehlen!
  • m_img_0784f41.jpg More Margriet. 28 January 2018
    The whole day was a great success and everything went smoothly. The commentary by Malcolm and Alan on the way was very informative and interesting and gave us further insights on the history and situation in S. Africa. Thank you very much for organizing it and please thank Malcolm and Alan as well for their excellent company and guidance.
  • m_l_to_r_davidpattimalcolm_other_usa_couple_and_right_front_german_couple.jpg More Patti. 27 January 2018
    Malcolm was the guide I hoped to have...professional, attentive, knowledgeable and very pleasant to be with. He was intent on giving us the best tour with comments on the animals, answers to all our questions and dedication to finding the animals. We had a very fortunate day and saw many of the “big five”. I would highly recommend Alan Tours and especially Malcolm!
  • m_dscf4655a70.jpg More Mary. 26 January 2018
    Our cruise ship, Boudicca, was in port for two days, so we booked a tour through Alan Tours. Our guide was Christo, who was excellent.
  • m_dscn9375z20.jpg More Uschi. 20 January 2018
    Die Tour mit Euch zu Anfang unseres Urlaubs war ein Highlight und bleibt für uns unvergessen. Wenn wir wieder in Südafrika sind und eine Tour buchen möchten werden wir uns mit Sicherheit an Euch wenden.Paul sagt gerade „man sieht sich immer 2mal“.
  • m_img_554416.jpg More Elena. 20 January 2018
    Alan really knows his business very well-oriented knowledge of local characteristics and main talks to the other guides! of course you can take the car and to come to the park, but I'm sure you will not see lions
  • m_img_625210.jpg More Carol. 18 January 2018
    We took the big 7 tour which started with an amazing marine experience, when we were lucky enough to witness a bait ball which attracted hundreds of Gannets, Dolphin and some Bryde whales! Then on to Addo elephant park where we saw elephant close up as well as families gathering around water holes, lions shortly after a kill, lots of Zebra, Kudo, Bat eared fox and more. We really enjoyed our stay in the camp listening to the animals during the night, the tour made all the better because of Alans knowledge of the animals and ability to spot them.
  • m_img_0071a.jpg More Ron. 15 January 2018
    You provided Gill and me with an excellent day’s outing in Addo Elephant Park, then you top it off with a slide show that contains a range of photographs that are excellent in composition, sharpness and colour.
  • m_img_0073a47.jpg More Leo. 13 January 2018
    We both, Eva & Leo, were amazed by this outstanding tour, and we congratulate all staff, and first of all - you and Alan who made this trip so memorable.
  • m_img_0784f69.jpg More Helen. 13 January 2018
    We had a great time on tour with you. We'd recommend you any time.
  • m_img_9594.jpg More Alessandro. January 2018
    I was picked up by Alan at 8:30 a.m.. He made me really enjoy the tour at the park. He was very professional and helpful, looking for the animals, giving me interesting explanations and doing his best to let me shoot good pictures.
  • m_img_0738.jpg More Mick. 18.12.2017
    Alan himself is a very knowledgeable guide who will keep you interested throughout the day,on various subjects about the park. Knowing where to go ,and driving in and around the parks many tracks ,he seemed to find all the animals we needed to see ....
  • m_priscilla_and_raymond36.jpg More Priscilla. 1 December 2017
    We only returned home three days ago so that accounts for the delay in getting back to you to say what a wonderful guide and excellent company Malcolm was! Thanks to his extensive experience, knowledge and passion for wild animals, we saw and learned so much in one day. We couldn’t have started our South African trip in better hands. Do please convey our feedback and thanks to Malcolm. We will certainly recommend your company to any friends travelling to SA.
  • m_ralfmalcolm_and_susanne_r16.jpg More Ralf. 28 November 2017
    Although we had a rainy day, it was an amazing tour with many sightings. It was particularly pleasant that we had a closed vehicle and thus were protected from the bad weather. Malcom, our guide, was just great. Nice, friendly, with a lot of knowledge about the wildlife and great stories. Overall, a really successful day.
  • m_img_7440a40.jpg More Anja. 19 November 2017
    Alan ist ein sehr warmherziger, lustiger und aufmerksamer Mensch, die Safari im Addo habe ich sehr genossen und richtig viele tolle Eindrücke gesammelt.
  • m_annickl_and_chrisra92.jpg More Chris. 20 November 2017
    We did enjoyed it very much . Thank you for Malcolm who realy had an eye for a lot of wild animals and is very kindly
  • m_img_6618ccc90.jpg More Richard. 19 November 2017
    All 3 tours were expertly guided by Alan ... were incredibly interesting, primarily because of Alan's vast knowledge of the area and entertaining commentary. I would highly recommend these tours to anyone interested in the scenery, wildlife, culture and history of the Eastern Cape and South Africa in general.
  • m_dscn7713y25.jpg More Yvonne. 12 November 2017
    Angefangen von der Buchung, die lieben E-Mails und dann endlich der Ausflug... einfach alles: super. Wir wurden früh von Angelika und Alan in unserem Hotel abgeholt. Sind dann zum ADDO gefahren und hatten dort einen traumhaften Tag. Vielen Dank das Ihr dazu beigetragen habt das es unser Traumurlaub geworden ist.
  • m_img_5764y79.jpg More Jon. 11 November 2017
    Just spent 4 days on tours with either Alan or Mike as our guide. The tours were adapted when appropriate to take into account things of interest to us including a stop in St George’s cricket ground. We would wholeheartedly recommend Alan Tours. A big thank you to Alan, Mike and Angelika!
  • m_img_1961a35.jpg More Angelika. 11 November 2017
    wir sind wieder zurück im kalten Deutschland und denken gerne an unsere Urlaubstage zurück. Es war toll mit Alan und auch der Nachmittag war "ereignisreich".
  • m_img_5435d53.jpg More Diana. 10 November 2017
    An amazing day whale watching, were we saw everything. Alan was a friendly and knowledgeable guide who took us to Addo elephant park. Alan was very informative even when driving us back about the countryside, townships, farms and the history of Port Elizabeth. I would recommend this trip to every one who wants to see the real Africa.
  • m_img_5636t85.jpg More Trish. 6 November 2017
    I’m still on a high! Mike was an excellent tour guide :) very knowledgeable & worked hard to provide amazing experiences with the African wildlife. Highly recommend this tour. It’s a big day, but wholly wowsers! A perfect way to start a South African experience!
  • m_img_0883f.jpg More Lucie. 1 November 2018
    The trip itself was everything we expected and more. Alan is a perfect host. He can drive safely, spot wildlife from a distance and will provide you with just the right amount of information, so that you will not feel overloaded. In addition, he is a very likeable person with a good sense of humour. Angelika and Alan take pride in making your trip unforgettable.
  • m_dpp_003.jpg More Bob. 21 October 2017
    Please pass on our compliments to Malcolm and Mike - both very competent and knowledgeable.
  • m_img_0287k50.jpg More Jakob. 27. October 2017
    Vielen Dank für die tolle Zeit auf den Safaris. Wir waren schon auf eurer Webseite, es waren schöne Bilder. Wir sind wieder zu Hause gut angekommen, ich hatte einen guten Start in die Schule. Vielen Dank auch für die Stachelschweinstachel. Ich habe mich ganz soll gefreut darüber. Thank you very much!
  • m_img_5232m.jpg More Muireann. 12 October 2017
    The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. As for Alan we couldn't have wished for a better guide he is so knowable and fun to be with which made our experience awesome.
  • m_img_3074.jpg More Michael. 8 October 2017
    Mit Alan tours hatten wir den richtigen Partner für einen Tag im ADDO Nationalpark. Sein geübtes Auge sah sofort, wo sich die Dickhäuter versteckt hielten, Alan kannte den Schlafplatz der gefleckten Hyäne und verstand es, uns die Tiere näher zu bringen.
  • m_malcolm_and_lynnex.jpg More Lynne, 3 October 2017
    We really enjoyed our day with your Malcolm, he was good company and very informative.
  • m_img_2530as46.jpg More Amanda. 26 September 2017
    We had a wonderful time on our tour and Alan was awesome! It was a very memorable experience. I will post a review on trip advisor recommending people book your tour. We cannot thank you enough!